SAMSUNG NEWS: Samsung Bespoke Jet(Tm) Delivers End To End Cleaning With An All-In-One Clean Station(Tm)

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The sleek stick vacuum cleaner delivers a powerful, hygienic cleaning experience with its All-in-One Clean Station(tm) and up to 210W suction power

Samsung Electronics today announced the launch of the Bespoke Jet(tm), a cordless vacuum cleaner with an All-in-One Clean Station(tm) that delivers hygienic cleaning with a 99. 999 percent Multi-Layered Filtration System. 1 In addition to its All-in-One Clean Station(tm), a dock that charges your vacuum cleaner and automatically empties the dustbin, the Bespoke Jet(tm) is lighter and is equipped with a more enhanced Digital Inverter Motor than its predecessor2 for even more powerful cleaning. Packed with innovations, the Bespoke Jet(tm) also earned recognition as an Honoree at the CES Innovation Awards 2021.

” Cleanliness is a top priority for consumers around the globe, so we created a product that offers more convenience and powerful features to clean floors. “The Samsung Bespoke Jet(tm) not only delivers the power and performance needed to keep your floors clean, its beautiful design can also fit seamlessly into any room in your home.”

Hygienic Cleaning Performance

The Bespoke Jet(tm) features the All-in-One Clean Station(tm), which keeps a user’s space hygienic while cleaning. When docked, the All-in-One Clean Station(tm) is able to empty its dustbin automatically without any fine dust particles escaping3 thanks to Samsung’s unique Air Pulse technology. The Bespoke Jet(tm), a vacuum cleaner, is automatically charged at the same moment.

A 99. 999 percent4 Multi-Layered Filtration System makes sure that only clean air is released from the Bespoke Jet(tm) during cleaning. The main cyclone separates large particles of air as it is sucked in. These are then collected in a metal mesh grille filters. The micro filter captures fine dust particles and the fine dust filter traps them 5 so they can’t escape. The filters and parts can all be washed, making them easy to clean.

Powerful Cleaning in a Lightweight Design

Whether it is being used on hard floors or carpets, the Bespoke Jet(tm) provides maximum suction to get the job done efficiently. The on-board Samsung Digital Inverter Motor is 47 percent lighter than the Jet90’s motor6 and generates up to 210W7 of suction power.

With its Jet Cyclone you will enjoy cleaner air and stronger suction. The Jet Cyclone is a multi-cyclone, high-efficiency structure that creates an optimal air path to reduce resistance and minimize loss of suction. It can also trap fine dust particles that are sucked into your vacuum cleaner.

The handheld body of Bespoke Jet(tm), weighs only 1. 44kg, light enough to maneuver and clean the entire house, so you can easily clean the surfaces of chairs and sofas, on top of cabinets and tables, the length of window blinds, the underside of appliances and even up the stairs.

Cleaning Made Convenient

The Bespoke Jet(tm) features a convenient LCD Digital Display with support for 28 languages. 8 This display shows you the current battery life and settings for suction. You can also see information such as clogging or objects stuck in your brush.

The Bespoke Jet(tm), despite its high-spec features, also has a large battery. It can run for up to an hour9 and even when that time’s up, you can easily swap in a spare battery10 to extend your cleaning time by up to two hours. Samsung’s unique technology also ensures that it retains 70 percent of its original performance throughout up to 500 cycles. 11

To help you clean even hard floors easily, the Bespoke Jet(tm) also comes with an upgraded Spray Spinning Sweeper. Featuring dual spinning wet pads that rotate for up to 100 minutes,12 it delivers stable, effective cleaning for hard floors. The upgraded Spray Spinning Sweeper also features an easy-to-maintain 150ml water tank, so you can manually spray more water for a more convenient experience.

The arrival of the Bespoke Jet(tm) takes home appliances into the modern era. The sleek, stylish Bespoke Jettm is built to fit into any home and follows the Samsung Bespoke brand philosophy. The Bespoke Jet(tm), which is available in three fashionable colors — Midnight Blue (Misty White) and Woody Green

, allows you to place your vacuum cleaner anywhere in the home without affecting the interior design.

The Bespoke Jet(tm) will be available starting January 2022 in Southeast Asia, Europe, and March in the U.S.

For more information about the Bespoke Jet(tm), please visit

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2 Compared to the motors in Samsung’s previous stick vacuum cleaners (VS9000 motor: 205g, VS9500 motor: 109g.)

3 Tested based on IEC 62885-2, CL.5. 11 by SLG Pruf- und Zertifizierungs GmbH. Actual usage may cause results to vary. Particles in the range of 0.5 to 2.25um.

4 Tested based on IEC 62885-2, CL.5. 11 using the Jet mode by SLG Pruf- und Zertifizierungs GmbH. Actual usage may cause results to vary.

5 Refers to dust particles in the size range of 0.5 to 4.2um.

6 VS9000 motor: 205g, VS9500 motor: 109g.

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9 The stated run time applies to the minimum power level with a non-motorized tool attached. Actual usage may cause results to vary.

10 Batteries included may vary by product, model and specifications.

11 Maintains 70 percent capacity after 5 years of use at 100 cycles/year, based on the battery package capacity (2200mA). 1 cycle: Full discharge after being fully charged (100~0 percent). The results may vary depending upon usage. Based on internal testing.

12 The stated run time applies to “Wet” mode when the Spray Spinning Sweeper is attached.

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