BUSINESS: AAC/IEC Alliance Offers Enterprise Cloud Transformation Strategy With Cybersecurity For Regional Water Authority

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dWeb.News Article from Daniel Webster dWeb.News

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Columbia, SC, October 05, 2021 –(– AAC Utility Partners and Israel Electric Corporation (IEC), through their recently formed North American Alliance, partner with South Central Connecticut Regional Water Authority (RWA) to successfully develop an enterprise cloud transformation strategy focused on a “Cloud Smart” approach addressing risk mitigation from a cybersecurity perspective. The Regional Water Authority (RWA), a forward-thinking water utility/environmental services organization, recognizes that the cloud is not an operational model but a place. The convergence of IT/OT components within its nonprofit corporation is a necessary operation modification in today’s complex cyber-sensitive environment. RWA sought to create a cloud strategy that covered all aspects of the company’s operations, including digital transformation and information security.

The RWA’s mission and project objectives align perfectly with the AAC-IEC Alliance’s mission. This strategic approach encompasses how decisions in two areas of major focus: cybersecurity and business-focused technology services (traditional or cloud). AAC and IECyber, the Cyber Entrepreneurship and Business Development Departments of IEC, examined the RWA’s operations and governance. The team reviewed many artifacts from the RWA and held a series of working sessions with key RWA resources, including the Technology and Business transformation & Strategy Groups. A cybersecurity pre-assessment exercise was also performed using the Rapid Cyber Assessment methodology, a core component in the SOPHIC Pro(tm). suite. The engagement resulted in the creation of a strategy with concrete recommendations. This provided direction for IT functions moving to the cloud and continued improvement in RWA’s organizational cybersecurity maturity. The engagement also recommended the adoption of a “Cloud Smart” strategy. This strategy will give the RWA a guideline to help them evaluate cloud computing options that are safe and secure before they make any investment decisions.

Premjith Lakshman Singh, RWA’s Chief Information Digital Officer and Vice President of Customer Care, commented, “Every organization has to go through a journey to understand their business capabilities and identify how they can use technology to enable their business efficiently and safely both now and into the future. This Enterprise Cloud Transformation Strategy provides the RWA with actionable recommendations to move our organization forward.”

AAC and IEC are excited to report the successful completion of this first project undertaken by the Alliance team. The RWA clients praised the value of the strategy. It is a testimony to the importance of having a single resource that can help utilities navigate the constantly changing areas of cybersecurity and technology. In the rapidly changing world of life, the alliance with AAC is timely. The market demands the unique combination of expertise we offer in the area of cybersecurity and utility cloud. We are looking forward to taking advantage of the IEC-AAC alliance to serve utility companies across the globe,” stated Yosi Shneck, Head of Cyber Entrepreneurship and Business Development, Israel Electric Corp.

Spearheading this service offering for AAC, Lyndal Haddox, Vice President, Innovative Solutions commented, “We are extremely excited about our alliance with IEC to offer utilities a unique approach to strategically assess their combined systems of IT and OT operations, with a focused view of ensuring cyber safety across all platforms – Cloud/Hybrid/On-Premise.”

Regional Water Authority supplies on average nearly 43 million gallons of water a day to a population of approximately 430,000 people in 15 South Central Connecticut municipalities. It runs four state-of-the-art surface water treatment plants, maintains over 1,700 miles of underground pipes, manages more than 27,000 acres of watershed land, conducts approximately 110,000 drinking water tests per year, and safely operates a myriad of equipment with a team of dedicated, skilled employees that work 24/7 to produce and deliver reliable, affordable, high-quality drinking water.

AAC Utility Partners, LLC provides consulting services exclusively to utilities for the transformation of mission-critical systems. AAC is a vendor-independent consultancy firm that provides services in the areas Strategy, Selection, Cloud Adoption and Project Implementation Leadership Services (utility side only). AAC is the largest independent Cloud consulting firm that focuses on specific applications for the utility industry and business process services.

NavigateOne(tm) is a foundational methodology pioneered by AAC Utility Partners that includes an industry-leading set of proprietary processes, tools, templates, and software completely scalable and customizable to the unique needs of utilities’ software initiatives.

SOPHIC(tm) – Israel Electric Company’s 25 years of battle-proven cyber experience, insights, practices, and tools formulate a unique game-changing cyber defense and resilience SUITE. This cyber entrepreneurship and business development unit in IEC provides a sophisticated portfolio of cyber solutions based on vast, real-life experience gained in a challenging geopolitical environment facing 24/7/365 Cyber challenges, with the sole purpose of protecting critical infrastructure.

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The post BUSINESS: AAC/IEC Alliance Offers Enterprise Cloud Transformation Strategy With Cybersecurity For Regional Water Authority appeared first on dWeb.News dWeb.News from Daniel Webster Publisher dWeb.News – dWeb Local Tech News and Business News

The post BUSINESS: AAC/IEC Alliance Offers Enterprise Cloud Transformation Strategy With Cybersecurity For Regional Water Authority appeared first on dWeb.News dWeb.News from Daniel Webster Publisher dWeb.News – dWeb Local Tech News and Business News

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