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For the first time in more than three years, on 26 May 2021, a total lunar eclipse coincided with a supermoon. The ‘super blood moon’ was unfortunately only visible across Australia and parts of the US and East Asia. But ESA, in cooperation with the Australian science agency, CSIRO, brought this celestial treat to European viewers through its live webcast “Lunch with the Moon”. 
Catch the replay of this unique event, which includes live footage of the Moon from across the globe and conversations with experts on the science of lunar eclipses, what would happen if there were no Moon, fascinating insights into Europe’s future at the Moon including the Moonlight project, lunar robots and robotics, a future human lunar base and much more. 

In the programme, the moment of “totality” – when the Moon is fully shrouded in Earth’s shadow – begins around 1:46:00. 
02:10 Deep-space communication from Australia 
13:00 All about lunar eclipses 
29:10 What if there were no Moon? 
43:20 Europe goes forward to the Moon 
58:45 Moonlight: Connecting Earth with the Moon 
1:13:20 Humans at work in a lunar setting 
1:28:20 Lunar robots 
1:43:45 Science and future exploration 


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