Vagon to Streamlines Creative Cloud Workflows With NVIDIA

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Vagon offers creative professionals near-effortless cloud-based workflows, in collaboration with NVIDIA.
Vagon has partnered with NVIDIA to speed up the process by which creative professionals like engineers, architects, and video producers can stream their creative applications from any device.
Vagon’s cloud technology, collaboration tools, and integrated file system make it seamless for creative professionals. The cloud performance is powered by NVIDIA technology. Creative professionals are constantly changing their work environment and their studio infrastructure. It can be difficult to move between environments due to larger file sizes, perpetual projects and add-ons. Vagon’s technology, coupled with the most recent NVIDIA GPUs (RTX vWS), powering cloud-based workflows, addresses these new requirements by providing greater flexibility and scalability as well as allowing more cohesive collaboration.
Zahid Sagiroglu (Vagon CEO) said that the collaboration between NVIDIA, Vagon, and Vagon would allow freelancers as well as agencies/creative studios to utilize flexible, NVIDIA-equipped clouds computers. Professionals will be able run their work environments on cloud without additional investments and can access their local devices with just one click.
Global cloud providers can offer the latest NVIDIA GPUs or RTX vWS. They support the most recent NVIDIA CUDA technology and RTX technology, ensuring unparalleled performance in raytraced rendering and finished products.
Creatives can access graphic-intensive software anywhere in the world by combining the power and flexibility of NVIDIA GPU vWS and GPUs in cloud with Vagon’s streaming and collaboration technology, which allows them to seamlessly switch between cloud-based and local workflows. This collaboration will be crucial for agencies, organizations, individuals, and others who rely on remote working and will open the doors to greater global inclusion in the industry.
Although cloud-based workflows are not new, their optimization is crucial to the success and sustainability of remote cultures. NVIDIA and Vagon are aiming to help enterprises adapt to a changing industry by eliminating performance issues and providing a low latency platform to create.
Every piece of software or design has its own requirements. Vagon’s knowledge of these requirements combined with NVIDIA’s state-of the-art GPU allows users to seamlessly switch between apps. Users can navigate the program with just one click.
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