TECHNOLOGY: Online Learning | November – December 2021: Google, IBM, Microsoft, Stanford, UPenn, Harvard, Unicef…

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Corporate Initiatives

Google Will Grant Community Colleges Free Access to Its Career Certifications

IBM Says It Will Train on Technical Skills 30 Million People by 2030

Microsoft Reduces Its Pricing for Educational Customers

Leading Universities

Stanford University Launches a Digital Office to Help Underserved High School Students

UPenn Becomes the First Ivy League School to Accept Enrollment Payment in Crypto

Harvard’s Endowment Increases $11.3B to a Whopping $53.2B, Despite the Pandemic

Ivy League Colleges Still Offer a Few Online Degrees to “Protect their Reputation”

Western Governors University Partners with the National Governors Association

Higher Ed

House Democrats Passed a Massive Spending Bill that Included Billions for Higher Ed

Thirteen Colleges Explore Three-Year Bachelor’s Degree Programs

A Family-Owned, Private University in Spain Builds a Campus in a Modern Skyscraper


Adult Learners Prefer Universities for Their Career Preparedness

Accenture Finds Six Segments of Students, Based on Learning Mindsets

Retiring After a Career in Higher Ed? Sarasota, Naples, and Daytona Beach, Among the Best Places

Robinhood Confirms that One-third of Customers’ Data Was Compromised After a Large Hack

Global Education

Experts Say that the Spending in Global Education and EdTech Will Experience a Massive Increase

International Students Enrollment Shows a 68% Increase After the Pandemic

Over 200 Million Children Are Missing Out on Remote Learning

International Leaders Call to Invest More in Teachers — Here’s How Much They Are Paid

Job Market

More High Schoolers Dismiss Attending a Four-Year College

Fastest-Growing Jobs that Don’t Require a Bachelor’s Degree

Organizations Change their Learning Strategies in the Light of ‘The Great Resignation’ Phenomenon

2021 Events | All of the Key Conferences Listed!

Education Calendar – NOVEMBER | DECEMBER | Conferences in Latin America & Spain

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