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Newswise — Contributors are Kazan Federal University and Kazan State Medical Academy.

Sputnik V, a COVID vaccination from Gamaleya Institute in Russia, is currently being used in more 50 countries. It has been proven to be effective with very few side effects.

The research sought to determine the details of immune reactions to Sputnik-V among inoculated Kazan residents (where Kazan Federal University is located).

The studies revealed that the initial dose of Sputnik-V can trigger an immune reaction. However, the second dose causes a stronger response which can be detected up to three months later. This reaction is both anti- and T-cell immune. The team also found that the immune responses of the COVID-inoculated individuals and the COVID survivors were basically identical, which indicates that the vaccine is effective against local variants. Data from the analysis of virus mutations and localization of immunogenic epitopes support this conclusion.

Co-author: KFU Professor Albert Rizvanov comments: “Sputnik-V incites both antibody as well as T-cell immunity. We focused on the three-month period after vaccination in this paper. At this point in time, the response was strong, which can prove the existence of long-term immunity.”

The study was approved by Kazan University’s Local Ethics Committee.

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