GAMING: Guardians Of The Galaxy Is $30 On Black Friday

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Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy is one of the best superhero games in recent memory. Guardians of Galaxy was released last month on PlayStation 3, Xbox, and PC. It captures the spirit and tone of the movies, tells great stories, and has great combat mechanics. If you haven’t picked it up just yet, you can snag it for a steep discount at Amazon and Best Buy as part of the retailers’ Black Friday sales. It’s currently on sale for only $30, which is 50% off the list price.

We wouldn’t be surprised to see this deal sell out, and we don’t expect it to be on sale for less at other retailers. Walmart will have Guadians of the Galaxy for $35 starting Monday. This deal is only for the Xbox and PlayStation versions. This deal includes a free upgrade for PS5 and Xbox Series X.

“Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy doesn’t feature an engaging combat system, save for the moments where the team huddles provide a loose connection to the much more engaging narrative theme of the strength of communication,” GameSpot’s Jordan Ramee said in his Guardians of the Galaxy review. The game shines because of its storytelling, which is enhanced with a talented collection voice actors and a fantastic soundtrack. This game may not be the best introduction to the heroes. However, sometimes you have to do enough to make a good impression. “

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