Batelle Launches High-Tech Sleep School to Revolutionize Childcare Industry

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NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Serial entrepreneur and 4X tech founder Damian Kimmelman teamed up with Modern Day Mary Poppins Miss Megan and raised $4M to launch Batelle: a modern childcare company that uses high-tech solutions to support mental, emotional, and physical development. The vision of the company is to leverage technology to scale the historically non-scalable industry of personalized child care and education.

“I kept hearing from new parents that sleep seemed to be an unsolvable problem, unless you were willing to pay a fortune for a Mary Poppins-esque person who would come to your home, solve the problem, and leave. The catch: the waiting lists were long and the prices steep. When I met one of these magical sources, Miss Megan, I knew we could scale the impact of her method by bringing it to people’s pockets,” said Damian Kimmelman.

Alongside the investment, Batelle debuted its first product: The Batelle Sleep School. The method was developed by Miss Megan, a baby expert with 25+ years of experience working with high-profile and celebrity families in the New York area. Combining her expertise, first-hand experience and research on the science of sleep, she condensed her method into a 10 step program that is tailored to a child’s age and stage of development. By the end of the program, children who previously fought for 60 minutes+ at bedtimes, are able to settle peacefully in under five minutes.

As a seasoned tech entrepreneur, Kimmelman has developed proprietary software and hardware tools that create a seamless experience for the user. This reflects the same tailored and ‘magical’ experience that Miss Megan provided as both a teacher and coach to numerous families.

Batelle’s Sleep School high-tech platform includes:

A privacy-by-design camera that streams through your device so Batelle sleep guides can give you immediate feedback 24 hours a day.
Text-to-speech, which allows parents to hear live feedback from the sleep trainers and skip reading instructions when tending to their child
A response system that automatically soothes children in the middle of the night
A timer that is built-into the Batelle App
AI-driven knowledge base that assists in tailoring Miss Megan’s Method to each individual family and stage of development

Every family will also receive a Batelle Starter Pack, which includes a color light that helps children understand when to sleep and when to wake up; The Hug, a sleep sack that gives children a sense of security and helps them learn to stay happily in bed; and, bespoke sleep mantras.

According to Miss Megan, Batelle’s mission goes beyond sleep: “Sleep is foundational to creating lifelong resiliency and capacity for learning. With Sleep School, not only do we solve the problem of sleep, we also teach children other valuable life skills in the process: how to self-regulate, develop resilience and gain independence. It helps children to form a secure view of the world and more comfortably face life changes as they grow.”

Batelle’s tailored program includes live coaching calls, access to a library of content that offers step-by-step instructions and demonstrations, a community of like-minded parents, 24-hour support, and support after the successful completion of the program to address any sleep regression up until a child is five years old.

With a 95% success rate, parents who use Batelle get, on average, 60 days worth of t sleep or precious time back. A rested child means a rested family. By easing the stresses of sleep, Batelle is there to help more parents enjoy the best moments of their child’s early years.

About Batelle

Batelle’s mission is to create a foundation of lifelong resiliency and capacity for learning in children by giving parents the knowledge and support they need to create safe, trusting spaces for their children to reach developmental milestones for sleeping, eating, playing and learning. Batelle offers a two-week comprehensive sleep school program that teaches parents how to help their children learn to sleep through the night and settle to bed in 5 minutes or less. For more information, please visit or email


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