SCIENCE NEWS: Black Friday Apple Deals to Avoid and What to Buy Instead

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If your goal is to purchase a new Apple device, this week is the best time to do so . Every retailer that sells Apple products will be running a sale between now and Monday, and if you act fast, you can save a bundle on an Apple Watch, iPad, Mac, or iPhone.

But there are deals that aren’t deals regardless of how low the price. These are the four products that you should avoid on Black Friday:

Apple Watch Series Series 3

Even though the Apple Watch Series 3 is four generations old by now, Apple still sells it for $199 as a budget option even less expensive than the Apple Watch SE. We don’t recommend it at full price and we don’t recommend at its usual sale price of $170. The only exception was the deal Walmart was offering earlier this week, which discounted it by $90 to an all-time-low of $109 (it’s sold out now). It’s a great choice for anyone looking for a basic smartwatch. If it comes up again, we’d recommend it to anyone willing to pay a little more. But without the newest sensors or display, and a pokey S3 processor, most people should just pay a little more for an Apple Watch SE instead–especially when it’s discounted to $220.

Apple TV HD

Apple launched a new Apple TV 4K earlier this year with an A12 processor and HDMI 2.1, but the Apple TV HD received no such update. While it does come with the new Siri Remote, it’s the same box that was released in 2015. Apple still charges $149 for it, but even if you find it at a discount (like Apple’s four-day shopping event), it’s not worth buying. The 4K model will make your setup more secure for many years to come.

SCIENCE NEWS: AirPods(2nd generation)

When Apple released the 3rd-generation AirPods at its “Unleashed” event in October, it also cut the price of the 2nd-gen model from $159 to $129. They’re currently marked down to $115 and are likely to go even lower over the Black Friday weekend, possibly hitting a new all-time-low of $85 or less. They are still not a good buy. The 3rd-gen AirPods cost a bit more (though they’ve been marked down to $155), but they bring better sound and battery life, spatial audio, adaptive EQ, water resistance, fast charging, and more powerful sensors, not to mention a wireless charging case.

Intel Macs

Best Buy and other retailers are knocking up to $600 off the price of the most recent Intel MacBooks, which would normally be a great deal. This is not a typical Mac year. The M1 Macs are now far more powerful than their Intel predecessors and this gap is likely to grow over time. The new Macs are faster and more efficient than their Intel counterparts. Future macOS releases will run much better on Apple silicon Macs than Intel ones, if the iPhone is any guide. Don’t buy anything without Apple silicon.

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