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This is the biggest shopping season of the year. Cyber Monday, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday are filled with sales and great deals. How can you ensure you get the best deals? We can help.

Apple AirPods will be a very popular gift this holiday season and there will be many deals. Here are the prices for Apple’s AirPods:

AirPods (2nd-generation): $129
AirPods (3rd generation): $179
AirPods Pro: $249
AirPods Max: $549

But you shouldn’t have to pay that price. This is where you will find the best deals on Apple’s AirPods.

Black Friday AirPods deals from Apple

Apple does not offer discounts on any of its products, including AirPods. They are offering Apple gift cards during its holiday shopping event. You can get

AirPods (2nd or 3rd generation): $25 gift card
AirPods Pro: $50 gift card
AirPods Max: $75 gift card

Apple also has an offer for a six-month free subscription to Apple Music for new subscribers.

AirPods Pro: Best Black Friday deals

It’s not difficult to find AirPods Pro deals, but they have been selling quickly. When Black Friday week began, Walmart was selling AirPods Pro for $159 but that deal sold out. Now Amazon is selling them for $159, but we recommend acting fast and checking both sites for restocks.

$159. 00


$189. 99


$189. 99

AirPods (2nd gen): Best Black Friday deals

Apple cut the price of the 2nd-gen AirPods to $129 and many retailers are offering further discounts.

$109. 00


$114. 99

$114. 99

AirPods (3rd gen): Best Black Friday deals

There aren’t huge discounts on the newest AirPods models, but some stores have recently cut the price to $155 for $24 in savings. Also, Apple is offering a $25 gift card during its four-day sale that begins on Friday.

$154. 99

$169. 99


AirPods Max: Best Black Friday deals

Some colors are more expensive than others when you buy Apple pro headphones. But you can easily find them for under $500.

$429. 00


$469. 99


AirPods buying advice

This season, be sure to check the model on sale. Apple sells two versions of AirPods: one is the new 3rd-generation model that is regularly priced at $179, while the other is the older 2nd-generation model with a wired charging case that’s regularly priced at $129. There might be a huge deal on older AirPods. You might also find discontinued AirPods with wireless charging cases on sale. If you see an “AirPods”, make sure you are buying the right model.

The AirPods Max are regularly-priced at $549. There are five colors available, but prices can vary depending on which one you choose. The silver and space grey models don’t have the same price, but we’ve seen them on sale often.

If you have an Apple Card, use it with Apple Pay. Apple Pay allows you to get 3 percent cashback on Apple Store purchases, and 2 percent on all other Apple Pay purchases. You’ll only receive 1 percent if you use your physical Apple Card.

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