SAMSUNG NEWS: Samsung Electronics Expands Its ‘Green Chip’ Line-Up

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Five memory products successfully achieved carbon reduction certification, with automotive LED packages joining Samsung’s list of products to receive carbon footprint verification, setting the benchmark for future carbon reduction

Samsung Electronics, a world leader in advanced semiconductor technology, today announced that five of its memory products achieved global recognition for successfully reducing its carbon emission, while 20 additional memory products received carbon footprint certification. Samsung’s automotive LED packaging also received carbon footprint verification. This is a first for the industry and further expands Samsung’s eco-conscious green chips’ portfolio. It is exciting to see our environmentally responsible efforts receiving worldwide acknowledgements,” stated Seong-dai Jang (Senior Vice President and Head, DS Corporate Sustainability Management Office at Samsung Electronics). “We will continue our path towards a sustainable future with ‘greener’ chips enabled by Samsung’s cutting-edge technology.”

Five Memory Products Achieve the Carbon Trust ‘Reducing CO2’ Certification

Five Samsung memory products – HBM2E (8GB), GDDR6 (8Gb), UFS 3.1 (512GB), Portable SSD T7 (1TB), microSD EVO Select (128GB) – recently earned ‘Reducing CO2’ labels from the Carbon Trust. The Carbon Trust had awarded the ‘CO2 Measured certification to the previous versions of these five products last year. The Carbon Trust recently also certified the product carbon footprints of 20 memory products1 by giving them the ‘CO2 Measured’ product carbon footprint label.

The Carbon Trust is an independent and expert partner of organizations that advises businesses on their opportunities in a sustainable, low-carbon world. The Carbon Trust certifies the environmental footprints of companies, supply chains, and products.

The Reducing CO2 label certifies a product has a decreased carbon emission. Through improved production efficiency, Samsung was able reduce the carbon emissions of five memory products. This means that chips were produced using less electricity and more raw materials. To reduce the carbon footprint of its Portable SSD T7 (1TB), Samsung used eco-friendly paper as the packaging material.

Samsung estimates that the volume of carbon emissions reduced from the five products, after their release until July 2021, amounts to approximately 680,000 metric tons of CO2, which is equivalent to 11.3 million urban tree seedlings grown for ten years or the greenhouse gas emitted from 149,000 cars driven for one year.

To be eligible for certification for carbon reduction, a product’s current carbon footprint must first be verified. This will allow the company to establish a baseline for measuring changes in carbon footprint. The CO2 Measured label verifies the current carbon emission of the product with a globally recognized specification (PAS 2050). Thus, the 20 Samsung memory products with the CO2 Measured label has now set the benchmark for future carbon reduction.

“We have certified five of Samsung’s memory chip products with the CO2 Reducing label, and are pleased to bring on board 20 more products with the CO2 Measured label,” said Hugh Jones, Managing Director at the Carbon Trust Advisory. “We hope that Samsung’s efforts could spread out to the entire semiconductor industry, so that the industry can continue its journey towards a more sustainable future.”

Carbon Footprint of C-series 3W Automotive LEDs Verified by UL

Four C-series 3W Automotive LED packages manufactured by Samsung – Gen3 (third generation) 3W White, Gen3 3W Amber, Gen2 (second generation) 3W White and Gen2 3W Amber – received verification of their carbon footprint to ISO 14064-3 by UL.

UL, the global safety science leader, provides testing, inspection and certification, advisory and risk management services, decision-making tools, training and business intelligence offerings to help customers based in more than 100 countries solve critical business challenges, achieve sustainability goals and prepare for future opportunities. The C-series 3W automotive LED packages from Samsung are more efficient than traditional products. They draw less power and produce less light output. This reduces carbon emissions. It also increases the range of electric cars’ driving range.

“UL congratulates Samsung on pursuing carbon footprint verification for four C-series Automotive LED packages. This will allow automotive manufacturers to select products with transparent, verified information about environmental footprints. “By understanding the carbon impact of products, manufacturers like Samsung can work to reduce those impacts and improve the environmental performance of products over time.”

1 SODIMM (8GB/16GB), LPDDR5 (8GB/12GB/16GB), RDIMM (16GB/32GB), 980 PRO SSD (250GB/500GB/1TB/2TB), HBM2E (16GB), GDDR6 (16Gb), UFS 3.1 (128GB/256GB), microSD EVO Select (64GB/256GB/512GB), Portable SSD T7 (500GB/2TB)

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