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Photography allows us to capture fleeting moments in time and make them last forever. While a subject in a painting may need to be there for hours, or even days, a subject in a photograph might not know that the photo is being taken.

Palani Mohan, an award-winning photographer, believes that “small, beautiful miracles” happen all the time .”

The Samsung Newsroom interviewed Mohan about his experiences as a photographer, and their collaboration on The Frame.

Life Through a Camera Lens

^ Photographer Palani Mohan, Katie Barget for TEDxSydney | CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Mohan photographs a variety of subjects, from his famous pictures of eagles on the outskirts of Mongolia, to the various shades of Hong Kong, and just about everything else in between.

Many of Mohan’s projects led him to travel the world, meet new people and visit new places. Mohan used to spend six months a year traveling for work before the pandemic. He now spends more time in one location.

^ Man and Eagle over tall grass (2013)

Mohan says he hopes that, when people look at one of his photographs, they get the same feelings of awe as if they were standing right beside him when he took it.

“Most of the time I take my photographs, I am alone. Especially when I do landscape work,” he says. “So, when people see my images in print or on the screen, they should feel as if they are standing there and seeing the same thing I saw when I created that image. They can do it, and I will be happy My job will be completed With The Frame viewers can see Mohan’s amazing work in high-quality, QLED picture quality, which brings photos to life. Mohan said that he hopes viewers will see his work when they view it on The Frame. I hope they look at my work and see what a magical place this world is.”

^ Hong Kong through the clouds (2016)

Technology Shines a Light on Detail

An interesting aspect of Mohan’s work is that a large portion of it is black and white. Mohan’s work is often black and white, which allows viewers to focus on the details of the subject.

^ Water Dragon (2019)

Art and technology have already been intersecting for some time, with technology being used as a medium for both creating and viewing artworks. The Frame, an innovation that makes art more accessible and opens up new avenues for displaying and producing it, is bringing them closer together. This is especially true for Mohan, an artist who values detail and attention.

^ Golden Eagle (2013)

“The Frame gives viewers the chance to look at a piece of art as the artist wants them to view it,” Mohan says. The Frame images feel so real. This technology changes how you interact with artworks. It allows you to see every detail and tone – you can actually walk up and view the work as the artist intended .”

. The Frame’s quantum dot technology gives it its vivid display and illuminates texture and contrast. Attention to minute details is important to me. Quality of my work, how it is presented and the tones it reflects are very important to me. Mohan says that this is an important part of my work. “I go to great lengths to ensure the highest quality image. I think Samsung and The Frame are doing the same. The Frame’s screen resolution is simply amazing. It’s a beautiful marriage when an artist puts quality ahead of all else. When the two meet, the result is magic.”

Palani Mohan’s work is available in the Art Store on The Frame now, and 14 new pieces will be available from late November.

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