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There is a lot of information online that can be both helpful and frustrating for people who are trying to find information. We spend too much time scrolling through and reading pages only to discover that some of the information is too detailed and academic to be able to understand quickly.

We are excited to announce Page insights on Microsoft Bing’s search results page. This page provides summary insights from pages on your search results, so that you can find the information you need faster.

Let’s say you are curious about Mars and space exploration but don’t know the answer. For a promising link, hover over the lightbulb icon and search “Mars missions NASA “. A Page insights pane will appear. This allows you to verify the source is appropriate to your needs and gives you a quick overview of top facts. It also lets you jump directly to the section you need when you click on ‘Read more’ to answer a specific question. The ‘Explore More’ section also has more web results that you can use to jumpstart your exploration.

Or, let’s imagine you have a specific question – you want a deeper understanding of the formation of the solar system’s asteroid belt, but aren’t interested in other facts about it. Simply search for “asteroid belt“, hover over the Page insights lightbulb icon for the top result, and you’ll see that the page in question addresses your question in detail. You’ll be automatically taken to the section of the page that addresses your question.

Together these updates help inform you beforehand, so you can save time by only clicking through to a pages with a high likelihood of being relevant to what you’re looking for. Because of the size requirements to display the results properly, page insights are only available for desktop. More languages will be added soon.

We are excited about this update and encourage you to leave feedback in the ‘Feedback” bubble at the bottom of all pages.

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