Religion: Indian Pastor Shares His Amazing Prayer That Saved Him From Death by Hindu Radicals

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dWeb.News Article from Daniel Webster dWeb.News


Church leaders like Biswas are often targeted with physical violence by Hindu extremists. Open Doors

A pastor from India was brutally attacked by Hindu extremists for leading Hindus to Christianity. He shared his story of how one powerful prayer helped him subdue his enemies.

Biswas, the pastor of a church in northern India, shared with persecution watchdog Open Doors how a group of ten Hindu extremists from a local temple arrived at his door one day, shouting his name.

“When I got there I saw ten men waiting for me. He recalled that he knew all of them were Hindu extremists hailing from his city. They pointed a revolver at me and began punching and kicking me. They continued to shout abuse and blame me for luring people to convert to Christianity. “

” I suddenly heard one of them shout loudly, “We killed your mentor one-year ago, now it is your turn,” he said. “I was quickly reminded of a senior pastor in my community who was murdered by unknown assailants one year earlier. He had been the one who also led me to Christ. They were referring specifically to him as my mentor. Now I understood that these men had killed him and were boldly acknowledging it. I felt fearful and trembling. “

Biswas said he asked God, “Is it my turn after all because I am sharing your Gospel, will they kill me too? “

But in his mental and physical agony, Biswas realized he could also pray for deliverance: “I then prayed in my heart, ‘God who saved Daniel in the den of the lions, save me. ‘”

The next thing that happened was a miracle. The pastor stated: “Just after my prayer had been said in my heart, one attacker told the others to stop. Let’s just make him pay an enormous fine. “

I was saved that day by the God who saved Daniel from death in the lion’s den. “

Eventually, the Hindu extremists allowed Biswas to go in exchange for a hefty fine worth eight months’ of his salary, which he was supposed to provide them the very next day. As he didn’t have any savings, he immediately arranged for the money from a local lender at a high interest rate.

Open Doors provided the pastor with the financial support he required during this financial crisis.

“I am so grateful. Open Doors’ support has been invaluable to me. He expressed his gratitude to those who supported him.

The persecution watchdog asks Christians around the world to pray for Biswas’ family, as they continue to suffer abuse from Hindu extremists.

“Keep praying for us,” Biswas’ wife said. We need more strength. We are aware that we are under constant threat and that our lives are being monitored. We want to continue our ministry, but we are concerned about our children. “

Christians have experienced severe persecution in several Indian states this year, which has resulted in pastors being beaten and churches being destroyed. The abuse often comes from Hindu extremists.

In recent months, many worship services were interrupted and church buildings taken over and converted to other uses. Hindu extremists have accused Christians of forcing villagers to convert to Christianity.

Morning Star News reports that in November, at least three Christian families converted back to a tribal religion in Jharkhand state, India, after Hindu extremists destroyed their homes, leaving them in fear of losing their land and resources.

In July, Pastor Srinivas Sapa told persecution watchdog group International Christian Concern that Hindu radicals in the village of Sangameshwar, north of Hyderabad, destroyed the only church building there. Sapa stated that all the Hindu radicals want for Sangameshwar is to become a ‘Christian-free village.”

“Of all the 50 odd Christians who are native to Sangameshwar, most were born in the village and are now panicked over the situation,” he added.

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