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TODAY’S TOP DEALSTwo minute reviewIf you are looking for a low-cost 5G smartphone, the 2021 series budget Oppo A phones may be right for you. TODAY’S BEST DEALSTwo-minute reviewThe 2021 series of budget Oppo A phones might be the right choice for you.
Battery life
It’s worth buying. The Oppo A94 5G launched alongside the Oppo A74 5G and A54 5G. However, there isn’t much difference between them. The price difference is very small and there are some differences in screen refresh rate, charging speed and processor. However, the Oppo A94 5G is the top-of-the-line 5G phone in a family of cheap 5G phones. This review is for the 5G model. It is the only one available in most regions. We will not be comparing the 4G and 5G versions. It was easy to use and ran well with games. It has AMOLED tech, which gives better contrast and colors than the LCD used in budget phones (including the A94). The 60Hz refresh rate makes motion appear less smooth than the 90Hz on other phones in the family. (Image credit to Future) We would recommend the Oppo A945G for social media purposes. Check out our reviews for each member. If you find them all similar, choose the A54 5G. It’s cheaper. The A94 5G has certain strengths. However, it is still a great choice. The A94’s siblings and this phone are all available in the country. This makes it unlikely that the handset will be sold in the US. However, it is available in the UK from a variety of retailers, including Oppo, Amazon, and Argos. It is not available on any carriers. This means that you will need to purchase the phone SIM-free and then add your own SIM card. This is normal considering how few Android phones at this price offer such a feature. It’s your typical ‘chocolate bar’ device, which looks almost identical to its siblings. (Image credit to Future) We found the Oppo A94 quite easy to hold, even though it is far from a compact phone. It weighs 173g and measures 160.1 x 73.4x 7.8mm. This makes it a great choice for those who don’t need large handsets. The blue version is more obvious, but we only tested it on the black model, which was not always immediately obvious. This feature, which is also found on the back of the phone, is more noticeable on the blue version. However, we only tested the black model. If you like this method of unlocking your phone, it’s a good reason to consider this handset.Display(Image credit: Future)You might be surprised to hear that the Oppo A94 5G’s 6.43-inch display is smaller than the panel on the A54 or A74 – not that many will notice the 0.07-inch gap. One thing you might not notice is that the Oppo A94 5G’s 6.43-inch display is smaller than its siblings. As a result colors are more vibrant, contrast is improved, and darker areas are even darker than they would be on an LCD display.Cameras(Image credit: Future)The Oppo A94 5G has four rear cameras, and it’s the same array as the A54 and A74. We don’t have to compare it to its siblings! These snappers include a 48MP main camera, 8MP ultra-wide camera, 2MP macro camera, 2MP depth-sensing camera, and a 2MP macro camera. The front also features a 16MP F/2.4 camera. The overall array is average for a phone this price. A quick note on the 2MP cameras. Smartphone makers love to throw in 2MP sensors and they rarely, if ever, add anything to the party. This is the case: macro shots looked better with the standard camera than the actual macro one. Also, depth was an issue for photos as you’ll see. The sensor clearly wasn’t doing a great job. These are just additions to the specs list. They don’t add photography capabilities. Now, onto the other cameras. We thought selfies looked pretty good – they were sharp and had bold colors. The background blur in portraits can sometimes be a bit too blurred, with some parts of the subject not visible. However, it wasn’t too noticeable. We were happy with the main camera, which was perfectly suitable for sharing on Instagram and similar. Pictures were bright and vivid, especially in well-lit environments. They were also high enough to be cropped down if needed. However, depth was a problem. Smartphone cameras often rely on digital depth effects to replace natural depth effects. We found that this didn’t always work on the Oppo A945G. Sometimes the depth effect was too obvious, with too much background blurred. Other times, the camera had difficulty identifying the subject of the shot and didn’t blur it. These pictures were still better than macro shots, which had darkened areas and a yellowy hue. The camera was consistent in lighting and color, with the exception of the macro mode, which can record at up-to 4K but only at 30fps. (Image credit: Future)Image 2 of 6A standard shot taken in standard photo mode (Image credit: Future)Image 3 of 6A macro shot taken in standard photo mode… (Image credit: Future). Slow-mo can be up to 1080p. Image credit: Future. Image 5 of 6Flowers taken using standard photo mode. Image 6 of 6Food taken using the standard photo mode. (Image credit to Future)Performance & specsThe MediaTek Dimensity800U chipset is comparable to the Snapdragon480 used in the AX4 phones. The Oppo A945G has 8GB of RAM. This is a large amount for a phone this price. It scored 1641 in the Geekbench 5 benchmark test. The A54 scored 1664 and the A74 scored 1629 respectively. Performance and specs. The MediaTek Dimensity 800U chipset is comparable to the Snapdragon 480 used in the other two AX4 phones. The OnePlus Nord got 1877, Moto G100 got 2875, and the Realme GT hit 3508. These phones are all roughly the same in cost but it isn’t the most powerful. It did however perform well when tested. It was more than adequate for Call of Duty: Mobile as well as PUBG Mobile. However, there are some issues with software that can affect gaming. (Image credit to Future) 5G is a great benefit. It gives you a faster internet connection and makes it easier to download Spotify tracks and load Instagram stories. SoftwareThe Oppo A94 5G runs Android 11, with Oppo’s ColorOS. The Oppo A94 5G runs Android 11 with Oppo’s ColorOS. (Image credit to Future) We found the software easy to use. The chipset and RAM certainly help, but there were occasional stutters and delays when we swiped. A faster screen refresh rate would be a good idea. We found the software to be very intuitive. The chipset and RAM certainly help, but there were occasional stutters or delays when swiping. Connected headphones would disconnect and reconnect after a few seconds. Wi-Fi could sometimes be a problem when playing online games. We experienced intermittent freezes or out of sync for other players. Once in our time, the phone’s data dropped completely. However, restarting the device fixed it. We could easily ignore one or two of these issues. However, the combination of them all made it very annoying. Battery lifeWe had to really think about whether the Oppo A945G’s battery life should be listed at the top of this article. As you will see, we didn’t list it. However, that doesn’t mean we aren’t satisfied. The phone’s 4,310mAh battery is not a large power pack considering that budget phone manufacturers love to put 5,000mAh batteries in their phones. The A94’s battery is relatively small for its price. Budget phone makers love to put 5,000mAh batteries in their phones. If you are like us and you play a lot of games, use your phone to navigate around large cities, or take lots of photos, the battery might be a problem. However, the 30W wired charging is not very fast, especially when compared to other handsets, which uses a painful 10W. It takes the Oppo A945G 30W to charge the handset from empty to full. (Image credit: Future). Buy it if… You like colorful screens
Oppo A94 5G is affordable thanks to its Super AMOLED display.
The A94 is the most affordable 5G phone, so if you are looking for next-generation connectivity, this is the best option.
The Oppo A945G is not a camera that can take professional-quality photos, but it will give you the ability to share your pictures on social media.
The Oppo A94 is a more attractive handset than its AX4 siblings, but it suffers from a slower display refresh rate of 60Hz.
While the A94 is better in some ways than the A54 and A74, they are worse in others. The A94 is more expensive so you should look at the more affordable options first. You will need a long-lasting, reliable battery
First reviewed July 2021. TODAY’S BEST DEALS

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