BUSINESS: hamyk launches a social media platform so high school and college students can keep it local

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*) The Apple App Store welcomes a brand new video-sharing platform that allows students to be seen by their peers.

Sure, it’s entertaining. It’s not practical for high school students or college students to follow someone they don’t know on social media. A new platform that can change the game is launched to up the ante in apps that sell the impossible. The hamyk IOS App is now available. Think of a 24/7 feed of who, what, when, where, and why on campus. This is the latest version of a dynamic in which anyone can make an impression on other students by signing up for classes in less than nine seconds. That’s instant, lasting access!

hamyk allows users to see the campus and others around them by using their location and a short clip. Based solely on campus engagement, location-based feeds display the most popular and newest posts. It’s not about popularity but the quality of the content. To give everyone a chance at virality, no matter how many followers a user has, each post begins at the top of the “New” feed. Hamyk limits how many accounts users can follow in order to ensure student engagement remains high.

The start-up is showing early signs of success after receiving angel funding. Grant Shahriari is the founder and CEO of hamyk. “When I was a student in Baylor University, we used apps like Yik Yak or TikTok. But, I knew that I could create a better version. People are starting to notice that I created hamyk. Hamykers now have access to information about people and places they didn’t know existed. It’s a lighthearted connection that allows them to share some ‘deets’ in real-time. It’s a win/win.”

A social media platform that has a conscience. Hamyk doesn’t collect or sell unnecessary data. It also monitors fake engagement by restricting the number of accounts that a user can follow. The platform will also soon offer scholarship giveaways via small contests that highlight specific colleges.

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Grant Shahriari

CEO & Founder, hamyk


About hamyk

hamyk, a Texas-based start-up that offers young adults an IOS app for students and location-based services, is located in Austin.

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