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*, the most widely used Android mobile devices worldwide. The Uptodown App Store published an analysis based on traffic data. It identified the most popular brands of Android smartphones and their models in different regions. Samsung is the first to rank in the world for a model that was introduced in 2016,. The most popular models in each region show differences in expectations, budgets, and the intended use.

Uptodown App Store presents a report on the most used Android smartphone brands and models in the world. Around 130 million unique users per month, spread across the entire globe, use Uptodown to download apps and games on Android. 82% of this total access the web through their smartphone compared to 14% who do so on a desktop, and thanks to the data collected during the month of October, Uptodown has been able to create a map with the most popular Android terminals in the different parts of the world today.

The most popular device in the world was introduced back in 2016.

Samsung ranks highest with 35% of the total smartphone brands most used by users worldwide. The South Korean multinational has an extensive range of devices that make up the different ranges of the seal, with the Galaxy J2 Prime and the Galaxy A10s being the most common Samsung devices. It was first launched in November 2016, and it is still the most popular mobile phone in many people’s pockets today. Both Huawei and Xiaomi, the most well-known Chinese brands, are competing for the second place on the list of most popular brands globally. Xiaomi occupies second place with 13% of total users (specifically, the Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 being the most popular device in the world, whose first models were launched in September 2019) and Huawei occupies third place with 12.7 % of all users.

America, great differences between the North and South

Samsung’s economically ranged Galaxy A12 model is the most popular in North America, whilst 4.9% in Central America and 4% in South America choose the mid-range Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime, which in this case is much older, as it was launched in 2016.

In the Caribbean, it’s not a smartphone but a tablet that is most popular among Uptodown users who downloaded applications (6.4%). We are talking about the Samsung Galaxy Tab A7: a simple 10.4-inch tablet designed for the entertainment of the whole family launched in 2020.

Africa is the domain of Tecno

The ideal African market for Chinese company Tecno is Africa. It was created in 2006, and is a Transsion Holdings brand of mobile phones. This brand has a greater market share than any other brands in Africa, and adapts its models to the African market.

*The Tecno F1 is the most popular device in East Africa (Kenya (Tanzania, Uganda ) with 4.2% and West Africa (Cape Verde (Senegal, Nigeria …)) with 4.6%. This model launched in 2019 and is a low-end Android mobile with a 5-inch screen and a simple operating system, however it has sufficient processing power to watch a movie or play mobile games, and with a price perfectly adapted to its market, coming in at just under 50 EUR. They also chose Tecno in Central Africa (Congo and Angola …)). However, in this instance, the Tecno KE5 spark Go 2020,, a mid-range model of the brand, won the race against all the other models in the region with 6.9% of total users.

This trend of Tecno phones is only applicable in North Africa, as the 2016 Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime is the most used device in these regions.

Asia is the most well-equipped part of the continent.

Almost 9% of users in the Easternmost part of the continent (Korea, Japan, China …) choose the Huawei Mate 30, a high-end mobile launched in 2019 with some of the most cutting-edge features of the mobile market at that time, placing it as a region where users choose more powerful terminals with more features, in addition to having a higher budget on average. This is a significant difference from the rest of Asia: Southeast Asia (the Philippines and Indonesia, Thailand, etc.). The westernmost part Asia, which includes countries like Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Iran, the United Arab Emirates and Turkey, is dominated by the Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime, an 2016 device. It is also the most popular in other parts of the globe such as North Africa, South America, and North Africa. In Central Asia (Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan …) 5. 6% of devices are Samsung Galaxy A10 being the cheapest of the Galaxy range. In South Asia, the most used device is the Vivo 1820 Y91C, a model priced under EUR 100 and popular especially in India.

Europe, mid-range.

In southern Europe, the Huawei nova 7i ranks as the most popular Android device with 4.2%, while countries further north (Norway, Germany, Sweden …) opt for the Samsung Galaxy A21s, belonging to the mid-range of the brand. The majority of Eastern Europe’s users have a Xiaomi Redmi 9 in Russia, Ukraine, and Romania …).

About Uptodown

Uptodown, an international platform that allows the digital distribution and sale of Android applications, was founded in 2002.. This app store, which is completely independent and alternative, respects the privacy of users. Users are not required to register. Software can be downloaded from the official app or through the internet. The app store has more than 3.8million apps. They are divided into thematic categories. Each one is hosted on its servers. It also offers an information sheet that was prepared by the editors, and includes the opinions and suggestions of users. Available in fifteen languages, it currently has 130 million active users worldwide, and facilitates more than 450 million downloads every month.

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