VERIZON NEWS: Creating Change, Transformation And Growth.

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Our strategic sourcing team is all about unlocking innovation while working to build a world-class organization and competitive advantage for Verizon. This team, led by Krista , Vice President of Global Strategic Sourcing, is a veteran and has shown that it’s possible to lead through a crisis.

We are looking for problem-solvers, collaborators and risk-takers who can join our team. Continue reading to find out more about how to be a catalyst for growth and flexibility in Verizon Strategic Sourcing.

Be bold. Be curious. Be kind.

The strategic sourcing team at Verizon drives efficiency and effectiveness across the company while offering deep insights into how to connect with markets. Krista reflects on the importance of this team in leading through a crisis and pivoting to source personal protection equipment (PPE). She also identifies the urgent challenges surrounding logistics, contact centers and benefits. Krista believes that her team is passionate about making positive change happen through strong leadership.

” Our team is resourceful and resilient. They are also knowledgeable.” she stated. “And there’s something in them that makes them want to continue to move forward in the face of adversity and challenges.”

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