BUSINESS: Avoiding Earthquake Devastation To Be Discussed By Expert Panel On Webinar Series Wrap-Up Sponsored By Optimum, Inc.

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LOS ANGELES, Nov. 16, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — A expert panel will wrap up this year’s Resilience Advantage webinar series with life-saving information on protecting and preserving the well-being of communities from major earthquakes and other natural hazards on Wednesday.

Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Maria S. Salinas will appear on the program to make special introductory comments about the importance of resilience.

The Resilience Advantage: Series Wrap-Up (PRNewsfoto/Optimum Seismic, Inc.)

“Resiliency for businesses in the region is a key focus for the Chamber. We are proud to work with organizations like Optimum Seismic to share information like ‘The Resilience Advantage,’ which focused on earthquake preparedness,” said Ms. Salinas. We must ensure that businesses have the information and resources they need to survive the next natural disaster, especially in the L.A. area. “

City of Los Angeles Chief Resilience Officer Aaron Gross, U.S. Green Building Council Los Angeles Executive Director Ben Stapleton, and U.S. Resiliency Council Director of Strategic Communications Sharyl Rabinovici, Ph.D., will discuss devastation that can result from major earthquakes, and the overwhelming evidence that cost-effective approaches, such as retrofits, can significantly protect the social, economic and environmental stability of communities following major seismic events. Los Angeles County Business Federation Public Policy Manager Chris Wilson will also appear on the program.

Their 11 a.m. presentation concludes the 2021 series of “The Resilience Advantage” – a comprehensive analysis of earthquake risks, social and economic consequences, and the rippling effect that widespread destruction could have on a regional, state, and national level. The series will continue to present education and advocacy on this topic in the next year. Click here to register for Wednesday’s event. Sign up is free. )

“Earthquakes can have devastating impacts on vulnerable buildings, people and our economy, but they don’t have to be disasters,” says U.S. Resiliency Council Executive Director Evan Reis, PE, SE, who hosts the video program. This webinar shares examples of how communities are improving their resilience one building at a.m. “

Previous speakers in the series included California State Treasurer Fiona Ma, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, California Assemblyman Adrin Nazarian, and national and regional leaders in resilience, building design, business development, social services, and environmental concerns.

Nearly 60 leaders in government, business, education, and social and environmental nonprofits have spoken out during the series on the importance of building resilience to achieve key goals. These goals include:

Economic stability: To avoid widespread destruction and the shutdown of local economies that can trigger billions of dollars in loss to communities and the state.

A secure society: To preserve important housing, businesses, services and jobs that are essential for our community stability, thereby averting catastrophic displacement, disruption and homelessness.

Environmental health: To avoid overburdening landfills and the risk of exposure to toxic substances such as asbestos and lead, that can escape into the environment from the rubble of older structures that have failed.

“So much is at stake — the very survival of California’s economy and quality of life,” said Optimum Seismic Co-Founder Ali Sahabi, a leader in earthquake retrofitting and the resilience movement. These webinars teach property owners and businesses how they can protect their employees, investments, and operations as part of their business plans. “

” If owners and tenants don’t act quickly and take earthquake risks seriously, they risk business failure, liability and bankruptcy, as well as building collapse, property destruction, and even total loss of their assets. “The bottom line is that the economic benefits of earthquake resilience are impossible — and dangerous – to ignore.”

About Optimum Seismic: Optimum Seismic, Inc., is one of California’s leading earthquake engineering and retrofit construction companies for multifamily and commercial buildings. The Optimum Seismic team has been performing retrofit engineering and construction, as well as building renovations, for nearly 40 years, and has completed more than 3,500 projects throughout California. For information, visit

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