Religion: Trailer for Breakthrough Breaks Records: 40 Million Views in a Week: ‘It’s a Testament To God’s Power’

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The trailer for the forthcoming faith-based film “Breakthrough” broke records with a staggering 40 million views in one week, highlighting God’s power, producer DeVon Franklin has said.

Starring Chrissy Metz of This is Us, “Breakthrough” tells the real-life story of Joyce and John Smith. It seems like all hope is lost when John, Joyce’s adopted child, slips through the ice and into the freezing waters in a Missouri lake. As John lay without any signs of life in excess of an hour, his mother began to fervently pray for any miracle. Amazingly, John’s heart begins to beat again, surprising everyone and defying all scientific predictions. John was fully healed in a matter of days.

Franklin, a bestselling author, pastor, and President/CEO of Franklin Entertainment, told The Gospel Herald that within days of its release, the trailer for “Breakthrough” garnered a staggering 40 million views, making it the most successful trailer launch of a faith-based film ever.

” “It’s unimaginable,” Franklin stated. It’s a testimony to God’s power, and proof that people hunger for hope and inspiration. This film is not only a compelling story but also a great entertainment experience that will be enjoyed by everyone. “

Franklin told GH he signed on to produce “Breakthrough” after hearing the Smith’s story while promoting his previous film, “Miracles from Heaven.” He was drawn to the story because it’s a “love letter to the power of prayer and the power of community. “

“Before the accident, John always struggled with his identity,” he shared. He said that the accident reaffirmed his belief that God loves him, that he has a place in the world and that God has a plan for him. “

The theme of identity is woven throughout the film, Franklin said, and is evident not just in John’s life, but Joyce’s, too.

“Joyce is incredibly headstrong and a force of nature, but she also has to come to a moment where she has to really go deep inside herself to figure out who she really is,” he explained. “I won’t spoil a moment in the movie where Joyce goes before God with questions about her identity. It is truly one of the most important moments in the film. “

The film also drives home the importance of choosing faith over fear, Franklin said, adding: “This true story is striking a really strong chord with people because they want hope and inspiration, and they also want to be reminded that God is still in the miracle-working business. “

And while the Smith family’s story is rooted in faith, it resonates with both Christian and secular audiences. Franklin said to GH that one viewer, who does not profess any faith, “cried the entire time through the film at an advanced screening.” “

“They said it was the most moving film they’d ever seen, even though they weren’t a Christian,” Franklin shared. It’s simply a great story that resonates with everyone. We are all humans, and all God’s children at the end of it all. “

“This movie really humanizes the struggle of what happens when life hits us unexpectedly, and how do we make it through,” he continued. “In our most difficult moments, we see that we need to rely on others to get through. “

NBA superstar Steph Curry serves as an executive producer on the film, marking his first venture into the world of cinema. GH was told by Franklin that Curry was aboard the film the moment he read it.

“He was blown away by the story,” he shared. We have an all-star cast on this film, including Rev. Sam Rodriguez, who is also a friend of mine. “

“Breakthrough” also stars Marcel Ruiz (“One Day at a Time”), Mike Colter (“Luke Cage”), and Topher Grace (“That 70’s Show”). The film is slated to hit movie screens April 12, 2019.

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