The Second Qingdao Multinationals Summit opens

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Enrique Lores (HP CEO of the United States), Sohn Kyung Shik (CJ Group President of South Korea), Fabrice Fourcade (EDF Corporate Vice President, President) and other Fortune Global 500 leaders reviewed and summarized the origins and cooperation results between their companies with China through “online” and offline ways. They also discussed the potential integration into the dual circulation development paradigm, in which domestic markets and overseas markets complement each other through deeper cooperation.

Xiao Xue, senior Vice President of Inspur Group Co., Ltd., stated that China’s top cloud computing and big-data service provider is crucial for its economic development. He said that multinationals must be involved in China’s future, not only in their investments, but also their advanced management concepts, technological capabilities, and services. Relations between multinationals and Chinese companies are not mutually exclusive or purely competitive. They can also be competitive and cooperative, which can make them more useful.
Zhang Qingwei (full-time deputy secretary general of the Secretariat at the Qingdao Multinationals Summit) stated that multinationals are an important link between China’s development of an overseas and domestic dual circulatory in the new pattern. The summit will strengthen cooperation and exchanges between China and multinationals. It will also promote China’s opening up towards the outside world in a greater scope and depth. It was designed to create a platform for deep exchanges and cooperation between multinationals with China. It covered eight topics, including China’s carbon peak, the development opportunities for multinationals, and published a research report entitled “Multinationals China: A New Pattern Brings new Opportunities”. Logo – SOURCE Stadt Qingdao Qingdao has been home to 166 Fortune 500 companies, including Airbus, Samsung, and Panasonic.

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