Judge wants population to denounce parents who do not vaccinate children

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A judge from the Childhood and Youth Court of Guarulhos (SP), Ibere ​​Dias, is defending that the population should denounce parents who do not vaccinate their children against Covid-19, in a clear threat the Liberty.

The magistrate’s speech occurred during an interview with Jornal da TV Cultura, on Tuesday, January 11, when he also stated that the vaccination of children and adolescents is mandatory, regardless of how parents think.

“Without a doubt, you should report”, said the magistrate, about how the person should proceed if they know of a child who has not been vaccinated by the parents’ decision. “You must take this fact to the Guardianship Council of the region, or to the Public Ministry of the region”, he said.

“Even if parents define themselves as anti-vaccinations, who claim some religious, philosophical, moral excuse or whatever it is that is valid for adults not to be vaccinated, vaccination for children and teenagers and mandatory”, he said.

He also made a clear threat of losing custody of the children if the parents refuse to vaccinate the children, although there are still many doubts about the use of the drug.

“Initially, parents can be fined from three to 20 minimum wages “, he said. “If they insist on not vaccinating, this fine can be extra and, in a limit, in extreme cases, they can even lose custody of their children”, he threatened.

Days are not the first to make this type of threat, since in the Youth Court of São José do Rio Preto (SP), judge Evandro Pelarin said that the vaccination of children against covid-19 is mandatory and that parents who leave to immunize their children can be fined, prosecuted and even lose custody.

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