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DUBLIN–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The “Growth Opportunities for Global Artificial Intelligence in Automotive” report has been added to’s offering.

This research service examines the role artificial intelligence (AI) will play in the transformation of the automotive space. AI is a disruptive technology that automakers are transforming into technology companies and expanding their services beyond the production of vehicles.

Technology implementation is increasing, and the post-pandemic environment appears to be favorable for all stakeholders. However, automakers still have not fully harnessed AI’s potential to enhance their service offerings. While AI is still in its early stages of development, OEMs are embracing it throughout the automotive value chain to improve manufacturing, customer experience, sales, marketing, and after-sales service.

This study examines the use cases and business opportunities for different players in the automotive ecosystem. It includes OEMs, Tier 1 suppliers, technology service providers and start-ups. AI capabilities will be the foundation of automotive solutions as the industry evolves.

The study identifies key AI trends impacting the industry, including the convergence of connectivity, autonomous, sharing/subscription, and electrification (CASE); the increasing use of digital assistants; and the emergence of cloud and data analytics. The study discusses the adoption of different AI elements in the automotive industry and lists companies to be on your radar.

This report also provides guidance to market participants about how to chart their strategic priorities. The report concludes by identifying the top growth opportunities for automotive OEMs, Tier I suppliers, as well as technology solution providers.

Key Topics: 1. Strategic Imperatives

Why Is It Increasingly Difficult to Grow?
The Strategic Imperative
The Impact of the Top 3 Strategic Imperatives on the Automotive Artificial Intelligence (AI) Industry
Growth Opportunities Fuel the Growth Pipeline Engine

2. Growth Dynamics – Drivers, Restraints, and Opportunities

Opportunities Overview
AI – Learning Cycle
Growth Drivers
Growth Restraints
Automotive AI Drivers – Regional Impact Analysis
Automotive AI Challenges – Regional Impact Analysis
Opportunities for OEMs

3. Global OEM AI Roadmap – Introduction

AI Capabilities
Automotive AI Software – Potential Countries
Automotive OEM Partnerships
Automotive AI Focus – Western Companies
Automotive AI Focus – Japan and Korea
Automotive AI Focus – Chinese Companies

4. Features Offered in Automotive AI

Automotive AI – Technology Overview
AI Application Categories and Value Chain

5. Application Areas for Automotive AI

Automotive AI – Key Application Areas
Automotive AI – Application Area
Case Study – AI Application
Automotive AI Software Adoption by Country
Future Automotive AI Offerings
AI Impact on Autonomous Vehicles
AI Impact on Connected Mobility
AI Impact on Shared Mobility
AI Impact on EVs
Case Study – AI in Autonomous Vehicles
Case Study – AI in Manufacturing and Safety

6. Globally Launched New AI Features

Future Technology Plans
Chinese Companies and AI
Future Cockpit Technology
Future AI Infotainment Systems
Future AI Safety Technology

7. Major Global Automotive AI Suppliers

Automotive AI – Value Chain
US Automotive AI Companies – Autonomous Vehicles
European Automotive AI Companies – Autonomous Vehicles
Asian Automotive AI Companies – Autonomous Vehicles
Automotive AI Companies – Autonomous Vehicles
Automotive AI Companies – Predictive Maintenance
Automotive AI Companies – Cloud Services
Automotive AI Companies – Driver Monitoring System
Harman Ignite – Automotive Cloud Platform

8. Developments in AI-linked Products for Automotive

AI in Automotive Manufacturing
AI in Automotive Manufacturing – Application
AI-based Comfort Applications
AI in Automotive HMI
Case Study – Visteon’s Cockpit of the Future
AI in Cloud Services
Case Study – Volkswagen Automotive Cloud
Case Study – VW Collaboration with Agro AI
AI in Driver Monitoring Systems
AI in Driver Monitoring Systems – Application
AI in Predictive Analytics
Framework for AI Driverless Cars

9. Opportunities Landscape

Automotive AI Features – High Relevance
Automotive AI Features – High Relevance
AI Features – Mature Markets vs. Emerging Markets
Degree of Certainty vs. Impact on AI Adoption
Future AI Applications for OEMs
Strategic Way Forward – AI Adoption in the Automotive Industry

10. Growth Opportunity Universe

Growth Opportunity 1 – AI-powered Virtual and Voice Assistants
Growth Opportunity 2 – Monetizing Data Insights
Growth Opportunity 3 – Augmented Reality Solutions
Growth Opportunity 4 – Investments and Partnerships

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