Saudi project clears 303k Houthi mines in Yemen

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RIYADH: Last week, female camel owners had the opportunity to participate in a beauty contest for their animals at the King Abdulaziz Camel Festival, Saudi Arabia. They weren’t the only ones to take part in the event. Other women also contributed with the amazing accessories that helped the camels stand out from the crowd.

Safayef is a company that makes customized camel caps, covers, necklaces, and other accessories.

Arab News: “I started my business in 2019, two years ago. But, a year prior to that, we studied the local markets and the problems with traditional products and their limitations,” she said.

She realized that the traditional camel capes were too plain and boring and didn’t have any style. So she added colorful embroidery to them and offered a wide range of fabrics. Safayef is the name of the business. It refers to the decorative made from woolen threads used on camel accessories.

Al-Ghannam stated, “I realized that different fabrics are needed for camel caps that are suitable for winter or summer and some that are only suitable to formal occasions.”

Each cape, which is colorful and embroidered, is custom-made to fit the exact measurements of the camel. (Supplied)

She added that sewing has been a passion of hers since childhood.

She said, “I love embroidering and adding accessories to fabrics. While most designers tend to design traditional clothes,” she added.

She faced many challenges in setting up her business. One was the custom nature of the accessories that she makes. They must be precisely measured to fit the camel for which they were made.

Al-Ghannam stated that one reason we don’t have an online store is because the clothes are custom tailored for each camel. “When we receive an order, we need to measure the camel in order to make sure it fits the clothes properly.

Each cape, which is colorful and embroidered, is custom-made to fit the exact measurements of the camel. (Supplied)

“One of our biggest challenges was measuring a camel. After a year of experience working with camels, the problem was solved .”

Al-Ghannam stated that she would like to expand her business into all Gulf countries, and that she aspires for it to be the most renowned specialist brand in camel accessories.

She has many clients, including camel owners and organizers of camel festivals.

She said, “I know that many horse owners are looking for accessories for their horses.” “Safayef, however, is a business that specializes in camel accessories — and in any company, it is important to concentrate on what you do best .”

Al-Ghannam stated that she first contacted the Kingdom’s Camel Club to explain her business plans when she began her business. She said that they welcomed her with open arms and she was able to provide flags, scarves, and embroidered covers for the King Abdulaziz Camel festival this year.

Safayef also provided camel caps and team uniforms for the Eid Caravans initiative. It was organized by the Ahyaha Humanitarian Foundation, Diriyah Gate Development Authority and the Imam Mohammad bin Saud Charity Society. The initiative involved a convoy of 14 camels loaded with gifts that were distributed to more than 400 homes. Safayef also participated in special events such as Eid and Saudi National Day.

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