France fishing row: Macron declares that Paris will not give in to the UK in Brexit dispute

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France will not give in to Britain’s ongoing dispute over fishing rights. This has been stated by Emmanuel Macron.

The French president accused the UK of playing with his country’s nerves in the post-Brexit row.

” We haven’t gotten what we want. They are playing with our nerves,” Mr Macron said during a visit to Aulnoye-Ameries in northern France. “We won’t yield. “

A British trawler was seized by French authorities last month as the row escalated

France had said it was waiting for 150 more licences to be issued to French vessels to allow them to fish in British waters.

Relations between London and Paris have become increasingly fraught following Britain’s decision to leave the EU in 2016.

Fishing is a key point of contention due to its political importance for both sides.

The Macron administration said Boris Johnson’s government ought to have issued more licenses to French boats fishing in British territorial waters.

But the UK countered, saying that it respects the agreements.

The licences would allow French fishermen to fish in territorial waters six to 12 nautical miles off the UK’s shores, and in the seas off the Channel Island of Jersey.

Earlier on Friday French Maritime Minister Annick Girardin said the country would “continue to fight every day to get what should be ours and so that those 150 licences arrive”.

The ongoing row previously saw France briefly seize a British fishing boat in its waters in October and both countries sent maritime vessels to waters off Jersey earlier this year.

Mr Macron discussed the dispute with Mr Johnson briefly in Rome on 31 October, but there was little indication it would be resolved.

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Both sides are under pressure to remain strong on the issue, with Mr Macron making his remarks after conservative Xavier Bertrant, a potential opponent in a presidential election next year, urged him to do more to defend the interests of French fishermen. Far right politician Marine Le Pen wrote on Twitter that Emmanuel Macron had surrendered to the British before even starting the battle. “

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