Canada’s anti-vax father kidnaps his 7-year old daughter in order to prevent her mother from giving her shot – New York Post

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After a visit, Michael Jackson did not return his daughter. Mariecar, the girl’s mother, appealed for her release.

A father who is anti-vax claimed he was doing God’s work by stopping his daughter from getting a Covid jab, has taken a little girl.

The seven-year old was taken into hiding in the home of dad Michael Jackson. She has not seen her mother for over two months.

Jackson spoke on a Canadian web-based talkshow to explain why the little girl was not returned to her grieving mum Mariecar Jackson, after she visited him.

“I am following God and doing what he asks me to do,” he stated.

Jackson was spotted last week via video at an undisclosed place with the girl , CBC reports.

He admitted that he has kept the girl since about November 11, long past when he was supposed to return her to her mother.

Jackson was told by his wife that he would likely vaccinate the little girl. He said that he had made the decision that it wasn’t going work and that he needed to protect his daughter.

Mariecar said her marriage ended seven years ago and has now appealed to the public for help tracking the girl down.

“She is only seven. She deserves to be home. She told CBC that she just wanted her home.

Mariecar, a tear-stained mother, addressed her daughter and said: “Mommy will always look for you .”

“Mommy loves you so much. Every day I pray for you .”


” I love you so very much. Mommy is standing strong and some day we will be together.”

Jackson might have left Saskatchewan with his daughter, according to Jill Drennan, Jackson’s lawyer.

” We don’t know where she might be. We need your help. This .”

is unlike anything else we’ve ever seen.

Saskatchewan judges have reportedly issued two court orders for Jackson to return the girl to her mother.

This article originally appeared on The Sun and was reproduced here with permission.

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