HG Semiconductor Wins the “2021 Annual (Industry), Enterprise With Most Investment Valu Award” at the 2021 (5th), Boao Enterprise Forum

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Recognition of the Group’s Leading Position in Third-generation Semiconductor Industry

HONG KONG, Jan 13, 2022 – (ACN Newswire) – HG Semiconductor Limited (“HG Semiconductor”, together with its subsidiaries, “the Group”; Stock Code: 6908.HK) is pleased to announce that the Group was awarded “the 2021 Annual (Industry) Enterprise With Most Investment Value Award” in 2021 (5th) Boao Enterprise Forum, recognising the Group’s outstanding performance in technological innovation and its endeavour to the development of the third-generation semiconductors.
The “2021 (5th) Boao Enterprise Forum” is jointly hosted by Global Times and China Enterprise Network and was held in Hainan on 8 January 2022. Leaders in politics, business, academia, and other fields. The forum featured the themes of “Change”, and “New” for Chinese enterprises. It discussed how to take advantage of new opportunities, deal with new challenges and forge new paths. The “2021 Annual (Industry) Enterprise with the Most Investment Value” award is established by the Boao Enterprise Forum, designated to honour Chinese enterprises in recognition of their creative contributions in the process of technological research, development and innovation and the major achievements in terms of market share and influence on the relevant industry.

The Group’s management is grateful to the organisers and the judges for their recognition. They are also encouraged by this accreditation. Such accolade serves as a testament of the Group’s achievements in the semiconductor industry in 2021 and it also indicates that the future development prospects and investment value of the Group have been highly recognised by the authoritative media and capital market. The Group will continue its efforts in third-generation semiconductor business. It will accelerate its research and develop, expand the use of gallium-nitride products (GaN), and strive to be a pioneer in the development of third-generation GaN semiconductors in Greater China. The Group will take advantage of the synergies from strategic investments in leading GaN companies around the globe to enhance its technological capabilities and improve its production layout.

About HG Semiconductor Limited
HG Semiconductor Limited (. The Group is confident in securing opportunities that arise from higher market demand. This will enhance its business performance, create long-term value, and increase shareholder value.

About HG Semiconductor Limited
HG Semiconductor Limited (6908.HK) is principally engaged in semiconductor product business in China, including the design, development, manufacturing, subcontracting services and sales of light-emitting diode (“LED”) beads and a new generation of semiconductor gallium nitride (“GaN”).

The Group is committed in accelerating its research, development, and expansion in the use of GaN-related products. It aims to be a leader in semiconductor product business in China, including the design, development, and manufacturing of light-emitting diodes (“LED”) beads and a new generation of semiconductor gallium nitride (“GaN”), and to provide total solutions that are more efficient and cost-effective.

For more details, please visit www.hg-semiconductor.com

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