BUSINESS: Sheppard Müller Addresses Unmet Needs Of Companies Doing Business Directly Or Indirectly With The Federal Government

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LOS ANGELES & WASHINGTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Companies that do business (both directly and indirectly) with the U.S. Federal Government (collectively the “government business industry”) face unique and complex issues. Although some aspects of doing business within the Federal Government are very similar to business-to-business interactions in general, there are many rules, regulations, and processes that can make it more difficult and risky to do business in this area.

Historically, law firms have looked at clients who work with the Federal Government by specific industry sector (e.g., aerospace & defense, healthcare, IT, etc.). Sheppard Mullin supports these clients holistically. This includes both companies that sell primarily to the Federal Government as well as those whose sales to this Federal Government represent a small percentage of their overall portfolio. Sheppard Mullin is able to successfully address the complex issues faced by the Government Business Industry because it combines years of experience working with the government with practical and effective tools. Zac Turke is a partner in Sheppard Müller’s Corporate Practice Group, and heads the Mergers and Acquisition team. “We talked to clients who deal directly with government agencies (and those who do not know they do until they purchase a government-related company), and we identified a need to create a new group to assist these companies in dealing with the Federal Government more effectively.”

Sheppard Müller’s new Government Business Group (GBG) is a broader practice than its flagship Government Contracts practice. The GBG targets all commercial businesses that have or are interested in doing business with Federal Government agencies, directly or indirectly, or through a contractor, or reseller. The Government Business Industry provides, among others, IT services and hardware as well as cloud computing, software products, SaaS and food and drink.

While many members of the Government Business Industry have a deep understanding of federal regulations, commercial businesses may not be as well-versed in dealing with the complicated issues that flow from the Federal Government’s vast supply chain. The GBG can help businesses navigate these issues and guide them down a path that minimizes risk and maximizes opportunities. Townsend Bourne, a member of Sheppard Mullin’s Government Contracts, Investigations and International Trade Practice Group and the leader of the firm’s Aerospace, Defense & Government Services Team, said Townsend Bourne.

Sheppard Mulin lawyers have extensive experience in the Aerospace & Defense and Government Contracts sectors and are well-equipped to offer advice and counsel to companies that do business with the Federal Government. The firm has more than 70 experienced practitioners across 13 offices working in corporate, labor, antitrust, government contracts, technology, international trade, intellectual property, tax, bankruptcy, employee benefits, environmental and regulatory law who know government business and its issues, and who can successfully serve clients in a variety of ways.

Bourne said, “While working with the Federal Government can be a great opportunity, there are also many complexities that companies must be aware of.” It is easy to avoid costly mistakes made by non-traditional contractors by using advanced planning and thoughtful guidance. We have a long history of serving clients that count the Federal Government as their top customer. This makes us ideally placed to help them succeed – and profitably work with the government.”

About Sheppard Müller’s Government Business Group

Sheppard Mullin’s Government Business Group (GBG), provides targeted, thoughtful guidance for companies doing business with the Federal Government directly or indirectly. This group includes many manufacturers, suppliers, distributors wholesalers resellers and service providers of all sizes. The Sheppard Mullin GBG has decades of experience in assisting hundreds of small and large businesses with their interactions with Federal Government. They can assist both commercial and aerospace companies with complex legal and regulatory issues.

About Sheppard, Mullin, Richter & Hampton LLP

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