Giniel de Villiers lead Toyota 1-2-3 finish on Dakar 9th stage

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RIYADH – Robert Lewandowski and Kylian Mbappe. Musaed Al-Dossary.

At 18,, the Saudi gamer won 2018 FIFAe World Cup. He could not have imagined that in just a few years, he would be rubbing elbows with the players he controlled from his console.

The 2021 Globe Soccer Awards in Dubai saw the player who goes by the name MsDossary7 go head-to-head against Leonardo Bonucci, a star Italian defender.

Al-Dossary said that he was up for the award because he had the opportunity to play Bonucci in a FIFA game. It was an amazing experience. I was able to attend the event and won.”

He is currently playing for Team Falcons and was awarded the Zone esports player award. Zone is the gaming ecosystem that organized the clash with the famous Italian center

It was a great experience to watch a strong defender play FIFA. He loves playing no-rules games, so offsides and tough tackling are all permitted. was playing in Italy. Al-Dossary said that I won 2-1 because he was an expert at tackling and playing in no rules. coronavirus, the Globe Soccer prize was a huge deal for Saudi Arabia’s star soccer player.

He stated that it meant a lot to him that he was able to receive the award for his hard work and sacrifices over the past year. For me, it means more that you can see the top players in the world like Ronaldinho, Lewandowski and Mbappe. wants the best. That’s not only something for me but for all Saudis

After being crowned FIFAe World Cup winner in 2018, Al-Dossary, the tournament was called off due to pandemic.

Al-Dossary was still able to achieve another year of success with the Saudi domestic titles and two international championships.

“For the moment, we are at the top of this table, but there are still four months to go. He said that the main goal is to remain at the top of the table and to qualify.

Al-Dossary, his team-mates Yasser Al-Harthi and Meshaal Al-Hubishi, will compete in the second round qualifiers on January 27. 28.

Al-Dossary was busy at the end of last year. He played the qualifiers, attended the Globe Soccer Awards and also spent time at Red Bull Athlete Performance Center, just outside Salzburg, as part of a series gaming and sporting initiatives by the Austrian company

“It was great to see the center, getting expertise for everything. Mentality, food-wise, training-wise. Red Bull allowed me to visit, to check out the facilities, and see how top athletes train. He said it was an unforgettable experience.

He was especially grateful for the support he received from gaming officials in Saudi Arabia. “The Saudi Esports Federation (SEF) is great. They are supportive of your wins and losses, and they are always there.”


He said that it was only a matter of time until Saudi Arabia would host some of the most important esports events in the world. Wearing the colors of the Kingdom was his greatest source of pride.

It feels great to represent my country. Words cannot express it. It’s something you can’t describe unless you’ve experienced it. It’s an amazing thing, but it also comes with a lot of responsibility.

“So, I mean that the only thing keeping me playing, even though I have been playing full-time for six years, is that I want to see Saudi take esports to great heights. Dossary said that he is grateful for the support he received from his government and from his Saudi fans. “I must give back to them.”

MsDossary7 is 21, and has a long career ahead of him

He stated: “The major targets are still unchanged as every year, win a major championship hopefully a global championship taking place this season and to be out there and defend the title.”

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