What is Wordle and Why Are People Playing It?

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Have you noticed the trend of people posting grid-like emoji on Twitter with the hashtag #wordle? This is the latest viral time-waster. Here are the details and how you can get involved.

Wordle Is a Daily Word Game

Wordle is a daily word game that invites you to try and guess a five-letter word in just six tries. It is very easy to learn the basics and you will soon find your passion for the game.

The game is compatible with both mobile and desktop browsers. There’s no need to install an app. Just head over to the Wordle website and check back each day for the latest iteration.

At first you will see an empty grid. Type a word and hit the enter key. You’ll see a grid with blank lines. Click enter to type a word.

If your first guess was “FIRED”, and the R turns green and the E turns yellow, then you can see that the last word has an R at the center, an E somewhere in it, and you can refine your guess by entering the next row.

Tips for Playing Wordle

Everyone has a different approach to brain teasers, and there’s no single strategy that you can lean on. It works best when the game stimulates your sense of deduction. This forces you to search your brain for words that use certain letters in particular positions.

There are some tips you can take away. It is worth noting that if you correctly guess a letter, it may turn green or amber. If a letter turns grey, don’t rule it out.

Some players prefer to start with a different word every day, while others stick to the basic word that contains a lot more vowels (like ARISE and TEARS), to improve future guesses.

The key message is to not waste your chance by repeating letters that have turned grey in previous guesses. You only get six chances, though you could always boot up a second browser or use incognito mode.

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You Don’t Have to Share Your Solution on Twitter

When you finish a Wordle game, you will be invited to share it. This is probably how Wordle has become so popular. Click or tap “Share” and Wordle will copy your solution to the clipboard, which you can then paste into a Tweet (if you really want to) or whatever sharing method you prefer.

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