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January 11, 2022

Broadpeak is a provider of video streaming solutions and content delivery networks (CDN) for content providers worldwide. TIM, an Italian telco operator, has been optimizing live sports OTT delivery using an advanced multicast-ABR (mABR), solution from Broadpeak. TIM delivers live third-party content to its subscribers using Broadpeak’s mABR system. This improves the quality of the experience (QoE).

” Broadpeak’s mABR technology optimizes streaming service performance, ensuring that customers have an exceptional experience,” stated Crescenzo Micheli of TIM, head of innovation and technology. Broadpeak is a pioneer in multicast ABR technology and has a reputation for delivering high-quality live OTT content .

Broadpeak offers mABR solutions that include the BkE 200 Transcaster Server, nanoCDN Agent, SmartLib library and BkM 100 Video Delivery Mediator, BkA 100 Analytics, BkA monitoring and BkA delivery monitoring. BkE 200 embeds source ABR streams into multicast to reduce delivery costs and address quality concerns.

“Streaming quality is essential to enjoy OTT content. This is thanks to the ultra-broadband connections,” stated Jacques Le Mancq (CEO at Broadpeak). “TIM is the leader in premium OTT delivery through our mABR solution. This will allow live OTT delivery on connected devices .”


CVE was the prime contractor and ensured smooth deployment by providing exceptional coordination and support local.

” This project is important for CVE since we’ve invested heavily over the years in video-over IP technology,” stated Luca Catalano CEO of CVE. CVE is pleased to have been a part of the delivery process of the mABR solution for CDNs. This is a significant milestone in the transition to IP video. We are proud of our IP expertise and knowledge that made such a positive contribution to the Broadpeak mABR solution .

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