BUSINESS: Phison Receives The World’s First SD Association’s SVP Certification For Its SD Express Storage Solution

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SAN JOSE, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Phison Electronics Corp. (TPEX: 8299), a global leader in NAND flash controller integrated circuits and storage solutions, today announced that its SD Express storage solution is the first product to pass the SD Association’s SD Express/UHS-II Verification Program (SVP). This verifies that the products are compliant with interface standards. This gives both consumers and businesses confidence that they will work and perform as expected.

According to the SD Association, “PCIe and UHS-II are both high differential interfaces and meeting their specifications demanding requirements is extremely important to assure proper operation and interoperability.” The Association officially launched the SVP program at the end of 2021, becoming the notary unit that leads the compatibility verification between the host system and the SD memory card manufacturer to positively assist in the development of the product ecosystem. Phison Electronics, the world’s largest supplier of SD card controllers & solutions, has committed to supporting the SD Association’s SVP Program and working with Phison’s global customers to launch the latest SD Express storage products that meet the SVP verification criteria.

With the increasing quality of video images, users are demanding more storage devices that can be used for video transmission. The SD Logo guarantees the minimum writing speed. This is largely due to the fact that the general host system doesn’t have high requirements for removable storage devices. It is enough to pre-read the file and verify its accuracy. If necessary, it can make more advanced edits or modifications to the data before it is sent to the computer for execution.

But, due to today’s high speed mobile storage requirements, it is possible that system compatibility issues derived by high-speed transmission will cause poor user experience such as SD card speed reducing or card recognition failure. The SD Express solutions of Phison can be verified. This will ensure that there are fewer compatibility issues between designers and system integrators, as well as promoting the popularity of the most recent SD card specifications.

“Phison, a member the SD Association’s Board of Directors, has long supported the SD Association in promoting new SD specifications and technologies around the world,” stated K.S. Pua, Phison Electronics CEO. “The SD Association launched the SVP certification program because of the growing popularity of high-speed mobile storage devices. We are proud to have achieved the SVP certification in just two months. This certification marks us as the first supplier to offer SD Express storage products.

SVP checks products against the SDA’s Physical Test Guideline. Products that use SD Express Express with a PCIe interface, or SD UHS II interface are eligible for SVP. SDA members are only eligible for SVP. Additional information about SVP is available on the SD Association’s website at

Phison at a Glance:

Over 20 years experiences in NAND controller IC design and module integration.
Over 3,000 employees globally, and more than 70% are engineers.
Nearly 2,000 memory-related patents globally.
Target long-term revenue of NT$100 billion through the 5+5 growth strategy
Exceeds 20% of the global market share of SSD controllers
$1. 64B sales revenue in 2020.
Unique business model that can produce consistently strong cashflow and profits over long-term NAND memory market cycles.
Committed to maintaining long-term partnerships with our global NAND flash supply sources and with our downstream module customers

About Phison

Phison Electronics Corp. (TPEX: 8299) is a global leader in NAND Flash controller integrated circuits and storage solutions for the consumer, industrial and enterprise markets. Phison offers a range of services including controller ASIC, firmware design, IP licensing, system integration, and complete turnkey solutions. These include SSD (PCIe/SATA/PATA), eMMC and UFS interfaces. Phison is a member of many industry associations, including the Board of Directors of ONFI, UFSA and SDA. She also contributes to IEEE-SA, JEDEC and PCI-SIG. Visit our blog:

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