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RIYADH: Saudi young designers have an unprecedented opportunity to show their talents and get support in charting a career.

Saudi Design Festival began on Sunday in Jax, Diriyah. It will serve as a platform for creative dialogue and bring together design communities to share their ideas.

Adhlal is a platform that equips future generations with the design tools necessary to build the Kingdom’s future. Adhlal is a driving force behind the festival.

Adhlal is Arabic for mentors and patrons in Arabic research. It has published white papers on the local design community that are useful for emerging designers.

Princess Nourah Al-Faisal

It’s all about helping the younger generation. Although we aren’t doing it for ourselves, it’s exciting to think my nieces will grow up in a different world than the one I was raised in,” Princess Nourah al-Faisal, founder of Adhlal told Arab News.

“I am a target for the young, undergrads, and startups in the design community. She said that she wanted them to understand that we want to help them succeed.

“We are pushing design thinking and understanding from a young age. It’s essential to navigate the rapidly-changing world as it is happening, .”

The main goal is to get academia, industry and government involved in this connection that will benefit this new generation.

Princess Nourah Al-Faisal

Princess Nourah’s goal is to promote design thinking in all aspects of life and encourage designers to look local when searching for resources.

“The major target is getting academia, industry, government, and the whole design community to participate in this connection that will help this new generation coming up.”

Adhlal will present a strategy to connect these four areas in the coming weeks.

She said she wants to increase the interaction between academia and industry in order to ensure that students graduate and work in fields they are interested in.

Princess Nourah stated that exporting Saudi design and Saudi design techniques globally is the next step to empower designers in Saudi Arabia. Future generations will need to have the knowledge and skills to take that step.

She said, “We aren’t teaching people how design. We are telling them how to create an ecosystem that thrives, we are showing you where the opportunities are.”

Adhlal has prepared a report on industry research. He has also compiled opportunities and focuses that emerging designers can use. This information will be shared at the festival’s discussions.

She said, “We went to students at universities, startups and freelancers, as well as retired people, and award winning designers across the fields architecture, jewelry, fashion, graphic design, and graphic design.”

Princess Nourah stated, “We wanted to really understand what the problems were that they faced as a student as well as as an established designer.”

She stated that Saudi Arabia is moving quickly, and that the design community needs to come together to share their knowledge, expertise, and resources with future generations.

“Our goal is acceleration. She stated that if we work together in the right manner and support each other as an ecosystem, then we are already moving quickly. Just imagine what we could achieve.”

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