G.R. Morris is an Award-Winning Author Morris releases a new science fiction novel

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. Learn philosophical ideas from multiple award-winning author G.R. Morris.

According The Columbia Review , Tomorrow’s End tells a story about redemption and pain. “This solid first novel is by G.R. Morris will have science-fiction and fantasy fans begging for more. It’s !”


About The Book:

A superpowered Messiah. A world controlled and controlled by aliens. Humanity is doomed if he doesn’t get rid of the demon.

Kevin Knight, the main character, never wanted to save the galaxy. When tragedy strikes and demon forces seize his soul, his fate in time and space is sealed. He is able to see the true nature of everything until a mysterious, trench-coat-clad alien arrives.

Kevin is shocked to discover that the world he believes he sees is only an illusion. It was created by aliens who have complete control over humanity’s movements. He must defeat the darkness and master his skills before the invasion begins.

Which prophecy does Kevin fulfill? The one of darkness, or the one that is light?

“Tomorrow’s End” is a story that has to be read. Without giving away major plot twists, it is almost impossible to summarize. Kevin finds himself in a conflict between good and bad that spans both time and space. This story grabs your attention right from the first page and doesn’t let go. Kevin’s tales are a roller-coaster ride filled with philosophy, religion, morality, and more. Due to the excessive gore and mature concepts, “Tomorrow’s End”, is not recommended for younger readers. This series will combine elements from “The Matrix”, “Dune,” and create a sci-fi masterpiece. “Tomorrow’s End” will be a series that lingers in readers’ hearts and transports you to a new world.” – John – Hollywood Book Reviews

Geoffrey Morris is a 10-time award-winning author. His debut novel, Tomorrow’s End, has received much praise. He was awarded a Dragonfly book prize and a Feathered quill. His debut novel, Tomorrow’s End, has received numerous 5-star reviews on many websites. Before he began writing college courses, he was a philosopher. You can see more about Geoffrey Morris at https://grmorrisbooks.com

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