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Do you ever get buried under the barrage of information constantly coming at you from the crypto world? It is like an artillery bombardment that pries you to the ground. You are unable to think clearly or recover from shell shock. It’s just too much to handle all those Tweets, Reddits, Telegram announcements, and all the new projects that are coming your way. Is there a sustainable solution?

Most of us have been there: watching the crypto market grow but not being able to spend enough time researching the projects. There are so many. You can invest in BTC and ETH, but then you will feel FOMO when the alts rise. You don’t want your money to be thrown around haphazardly.

Why Reinvent the Wheel?

This problem has been solved in traditional finance. Do you have too much time to stock pick? Then, you go for an ETF (exchange-traded fund). If you don’t know how a fund works, imagine a group of people pooling money to invest in stocks. The next step is to create a strategy. Let’s say we want to buy all of the US’s largest energy companies. Then buy their stocks according to a predetermined formula – let’s invest 20% of our fund into each of the top 5 energy companies in the US. Your fund that holds these shares will increase in value as these companies grow.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if someone could bring this idea to crypto? I couldn’t agree more.

Introducing SingularityDAO

SingularityDAO makes ‘funds’ in the same way as I have described. These are DynaSets, and they use AI to power their portfolios. This brings you many benefits.

Easily profit from the rise of a particular niche of the crypto market
Buy into DynaSets that fit with your investment strategy. Are you a fan of fine art NFTs and want to invest in them? DynaSet is the right tool for you. What about investing in hot AI crypto projects. Another DynaSet covers it.

Killing Two Birds With One Stone

SingularityDAO was established to address 2 major problems that resulted from the DeFi market’s growth:

As the market grows exponentially, so does the amount of information about what’s going on inside the market. This confusion confuses retail investors and keeps them waiting.
There are a lot of cutting-edge projects, but they just can’t unleash their innovations. Why? Why? If there is still money available, people can buy meme coins.

SingularityDAO solves the first problem by offering preset portfolios that people can simply buy into. You can now do the hard, tedious, and nerve-wracking work of altcoin selection without any hassle. Select the DynaSet that best fits your needs and jump on board.

What about the second problem? SingularityDAO selects cutting-edge projects to be included in their DynaSets. These projects receive the funds they need to grow as soon as you purchase your DynaSet tokens. Bring their innovative ideas to speed up the growth of the entire cryptocurrency market. You can even make meme coins!

Why the Heck Do We Need AI For All This?

You’re right. This project could be done without AI. It is why it exists. Imagine a car. You can’t get it to run well with very little oil. SingularityDAO also uses AI to grease all levels. This ensures that the infrastructure is in a seamless state. We are now looking for a safer, more stable, and stronger ecosystem. Consider this:

Who will automatically readjust the DynaSet after the altcoins increase in value? AI.
Who will set up and adjust the parameters for how third-party market makers bring in liquidity for optimum performance? AI.
Who will execute without delay the necessary hedging strategies to protect your money in sideways or bear markets? AI.

What if You Could Have Passive Income from Your DynaSet tokens?

This is only a small part of the many benefits that SingularityDAO offers. We will be sharing more amazing insights in the next article. These include how to make passive income with DynaSet tokens, strong partners who stand behind this company and their expertise. Keep watching!

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