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WILMINGTON, DE, Jan 7, 2022 – (ACN Newswire) – Cheems Inu coin is soon launching their MemeTools and a metaverse game in the coming month(s). CheemsInu, the meme king, is no longer a meme. Although the crypto currency was launched on the Binance Smart Chain last month as a dog-based coin, the development team has been hard at work to make it useful and valuable. The community has responded and pushed Cheems Inu to an all-time high of 60 million (USD) market cap with over 40 thousand individual holders.

Cheems Inu

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The Cheems Inu team believes they can properly combine the lighthearted fun of a meme token with utility and function, to create a truly revolutionary crypto project. The team’s goal is to educate and inspire their base on blockchain technology, and create wealth for the next generation of investors.

MemeTools Development on Schedule

Part one in this plan is already in development and involves creating a universal hub for meme token listings, charts, and educational material. This site, knowns as MEMETOOLS, will be operational in its initial version during Q1 2022. Later in 2022, a swap functionality called CHEEMSWAP will be added.

Besides the exposure that will come from being listed on the Cheems Inu MEMETOOLS site, token developers and advertisers will be able to utilize ad space across the platform. All fees and ads will be paid in Cheems Inu tokens. Half of these tokens will be burned and the other half will go to future rewards.

Cheems Inu Joins the Metaverse

Part two of the dev teams plans was announced on December 30, 2021 to a great reception. CheemsInu has joined forces with other projects on ETH and BSC to create a Metaverse-based game called Metapolis. The Play to Earn game will be played in an open-world virtual city where players will compete to acquire property, wealth, fame, and other valuables. Cheems Inu owners will have control over the “downtown” part of Metapolis. Land sales in the form of CHEEMSBURGER business licenses have already begun. As of writing, 26% of the available spots were sold within 10 hours of being available. Cheems Inu owners are eager to participate in the metaverse, which is the future of gaming.

The Cheemsburger Licenses will offer passive income to anyone holding one. The license also gives the licensee a lease in a downtown Metapolis building and the opportunity to make more money in metaverse. Support will be provided to businesses for setting up and integrating into real-world and online markets. All products and services will be available in liquidized NFTs. This allows users to sell them even if there is no buyer. This is part a new economic system that has been developed in collaboration with other Metapolis teams.

MemeTools and CheemSwap will have physical locations in the metaverse where users can interact with them in virtual reality. They will be an integral part of the success in Metapolis and provide token burn to Cheems Inu. This game is more than a game. It’s an engine that can bring wealth to those who master it.

Cheems Inu Tokenomics Breakdown
Total supply: 6,000,000,000,000,000,000,000
Circulating supply: 4,541,200,004,955,580,000,000
Maximum wallet size: 3% of the total supply
Taxes: 10% Buy & 15% Sell

50% of the taxes go towards an automatic burn function where the allotted tokens get permanently deleted from the supply. The remainder of the tax is used for marketing and liquidity.

Chase Winder
Community Representative

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