SAWA Crypto Fund Syndicate Protocol gives investors access to seed rounds with minimum investment

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Road Town, BVI, Jan 3, 2022 – (ACN Newswire) – SAWA Crypto Fund Syndicate Protocol, the brainchild of Private Launch Crypto Venture and a transparent and safe way of participating in a public sale, has announced its decision to offer investors access to seed rounds with minimum investment. This company will give potential investors early access to key projects and set them up to become venture investors in top crypto projects.

SAWA Crypto Fund Syndicate Protocol dispels the need for investors to search for projects, accounts, and nodes, it simply offers them early-stage access to protocols at an initial price.

While there are many similar brands out there, users must deposit large sums in order to be eligible for a share of the emerging projects. SAWA Crypto Fund Syndicate Protocol recognizes this and recommends investors to invest in projects that have the best chance of achieving a return on their investments.

The crypto market has seen a tremendous rise in interest and adoptions over the past few years. These include the integration of cryptocurrency into PayPal, the simplified facilitation of crypto fiat payments and, most recently, incorporation of digital assets to classic brokers. Private Crypto Venture launched its product to diversify the market. It aims to make it easier for ordinary people to invest in crypto markets that allow them to collect funding from non-cryptocurrency projects.

Citing Kraken is an example of a platform which offers large capital investors many opportunities while offering smaller investors few opportunities. This creates an imbalance in the market. SAWA Crypto Fund Syndicate Protocol aims to remedy this imbalance by providing both small and large capital investors with access to a wide range of opportunities, with minimal investment. These potential investors will also be offered opportunities in DeFi, GameFi and metaverse.

This company will integrate a smart contract which will provide transparency, reliability, and the introduction to experienced analysts. This company will attempt to offer an investment opportunity that is balanced for all investors.

About Private Launch Crypto Venture

A company designed to eliminate the imbalance synonymous with the investment market where only large capital investors get access to most emerging projects with prospects, Private Launch Crypto Venture, through the SAWA Crypto Fund Syndicate Protocol – a decentralized project on the ERC-20 network, aims at offering equal opportunities to everyone. This company attempts to get investors to buy shares or tokens in a blockchain-based project, regardless of their location, without the involvement of middlemen and gatekeepers.

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