One type of autoimmune disorder could lead to another

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. Researchers at the University of Colorado Anschutz Health Campus discovered that one type of autoimmune disease may lead to another.

Scientists discovered that mice suffering from antibody-induced arthritis in their joints developed spinal lesions very similar to those found in AxSpA (axial spondyloarthritis). This causes vertebrate fusion and curvature or bending of the backbone.

The study was published in the journal ImmuneNet.

” Our results suggest that one autoimmune disorder, such as inflammatory, could also lead to secondary autoimmune diseases like AxSpA,” said Nirmal Banda (PhD), a professor in the Division of Rheumatology at University of Colorado School of Medicine. This interesting association could be due to anti-collagen antibodies binding to the spine or some other alteration in the immune system. Further investigation is needed. “

These same anti-collagen antibodies can also be found in people with arthritis. They attack the joint cartilage, causing inflammation and pain.

Banda observed that mice injected with collagen antibody-induced arthritis (CAIA), developed arthritis, and then curvature in the spine consistent with axial Spondyloarthritis.

” I noticed the growth of bone in my spine and the fusion of the vertebrate,” said he. “The normal spaces between spine vertebrate at a certain place were disappearing. This is similar to the AxSpA process for humans. “

He said that the connection has never been made in any other study that he’s seen.

” “I believe that we are the first one to make this connection,” he stated.

How an autoimmune disease can trigger another is a mystery that Banda wants to unravel.

” I want to know the mechanism,” he stated.

In the meantime, he advised that people with an autoimmune disorder be on guard in case of another.

” I believe that because of our changing environments we are seeing an increase in autoimmune diseases,” said he. There are already links between gum disease, rheumatoid and dry age-related maculardegeneration and rheumatoid. This area needs to be explored further. “

The study’s co-authors are V. Michael Holers (MD), professor in the Division of Rheumatology at CU School of Medicine, and Francisco G. La Rosa (MD), professor in the Division of Pathology at CU School of Medicine.

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