HP’s CES 2022 lineup shows us impressive gaming PCs at an eye-watering price

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If you’re after a new high-end PC setup then HP has you covered with its brand new Omen computers and monitor.

Announced at CES 2022, the new Omen desktop, laptops, and gaming monitor look sure to deliver a next-level performance – though they’ll be sure to hit your wallet hard too.

The new Omen 45L gaming PC – with maxed-out specifications – will offer more power and storage than you’d know what to do with. At an estimated price of $4,500 (around PS3,327 / AU$6,214), this PC comes with up to an Nvidia GeForce RTX 3090 GPU with 24GB GDDR6X memory, an Intel Core i9-12900K series processor, 64 GB of DDR4 RAM, and two 2TB SSDs.

Alternatively, you could start from scratch and make a PC yourself using the Omen 45L ATC case (priced at $1,900, around PS1,405 / AU$1,940). This case is similar to the new desktop and features the Omen Cryo Chamber cooling technology.

This compartment sits above the main tower and houses a 360mm AiO liquid cooler that results in CPU temperatures that are up to 6degC lower than a similar spec’d model at full load.

On top of that, the case features toolless front and side panels and a chassis that supports up to a full ATX motherboard, a triple-slot full-length graphics card, and up to 200mm ATX PSU. It’s also equipped with a Nintendo GameCube-style handle to help you carry it around.

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For a truly portable gaming experience, you might instead want to opt for the newly upgraded Omen 16 and 17 Laptops. The Omen 16 and 17 now come with an RTX 3070 Ti and RTX 3080 Ti respectively as well as the latest 12th gen Intel Core Alder Lake processors.

These new components should give the laptops a decent bump in performance however if you already own the most recent Omen 16 or 17 laptop then the upgrade may not be worth the cost of admission. The new Omen 16 is expected to retail for $2,499 (around PS1,848 / AU$3,451) and the Omen 17 has an expected RRP of $4,999 (around PS3,696 / AU$6,904).

Whether you’re looking to nab one of the new Omen PCs, or if you already have a rig you love, you might want to look for the Omen 27u 4K gaming monitor. This HDMI 2.1 compatible display is perfect for high-end pc users or owners of current-gen consoles: the PS5 and Xbox Series X.

With a 144Hz max framerate, a 1ms refresh rate, and ARGB rear lighting – which works like Philips Ambilight to create an ambient glow around your display – this monitor is sure to help you get the most out of your rig. However, the $1,199 (around PS886 / AU$1,656) unfortunately means this monitor might not be suited to every budget.

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