BUSINESS: MicroAI Demonstrates Edge-Native AI At CES

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DALLAS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–CES: booth 12318–MicroAI(tm), the pioneer in edge-native artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) software, announces that it will be demonstrating its Launchpad(tm) quick-start deployment tool and MicroAI Security software at this year’s CES(r) exhibition, which takes place in Las Vegas from 5th to 7th January 2022.

MicroAI will be demonstrating Launchpad with iBASIS, a global communications solution provider, at booth 12318. The demo will demonstrate how Launchpad can be used to manage MicroAI software on embedded devices and to handle data coming from multiple sensors (e.g temperature). It can also manipulate, analyze, and present the data on a single screen using connectivity provided by iBASIS. Launchpad is able to securely manage multiple SIM cards from one portal. This simplifies mobile device management. Yasser Khan, CEO of MicroAI, stated that Edge-native AI allows embedded AI software to run directly on endpoint devices. This transforms how AI can be made accessible right where it is captured. “Launchpad is a simple way for companies manage this – opening new opportunities across many industries.”

MicroAI will also exhibit its innovative MicroAI Security software at CES. MicroAI Security is a revolutionary way to protect industrial and manufacturing assets, IoT devices and critical assets from cyber-attacks. It runs on both edge and endpoint-connected devices and uses an embedded AI algorithm to detect, alert and visualize cyber security intrusions. This algorithm allows connected devices to monitor their own behavior and alert them when it is detected.

MicroAI will demonstrate how manufacturers can use its software in a separate room at Trump International Tower. MicroAI has partnered with KDDI to provide a private LTE network. MicroAI software allows data from factory sensors to be analysed by edge AI algorithms. This includes monitoring vibrations for predictive maintenance of machine tools. MicroAI Grid allows a manufacturer to connect multiple sites across the globe, so that data and intelligence can automatically be shared.

About MicroAI

MicroAI(tm), a pioneer in edge-native AI (AI) products and machine learning (ML), is based in Dallas, Texas. MicroAI(tm) embeds its edge-native AI technology directly on microcontrollers and microprocessors within edge endpoints, personalizing AI for connected devices, edge devices, as well as critical assets. This allows for more precise and device-specific AI modeling, advanced predictive maintenance, IoT performance optimizing, and significant improvements to overall equipment effectiveness (OEE). The company’s mission, to make edge-native AI more accessible to all connected smart devices, is to reduce the cost, complexity, and time required to develop, deploy, and design embedded edge-native AI. For more information visit

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