Cuomo will not be charged with touching trooper at the racetrack

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LONDON: More that half of the 311 Afghans who were known to have been abandoned by British forces in Afghanistan’s withdrawal are still trapped in war-torn Afghanistan. Some claim the true number is in the thousands.

Many of the Afghan interpreters and other Afghans who served with Britain in its mission in Afghanistan, along with their families, who were promised safe haven under the UK’s Afghan Relocation and Assistance Policy, now fear Taliban reprisals .

Ministers were accused of trying to “move on” from the crisis. However, a Human Rights Watch Report claimed that Taliban forces had been hunting down and killing hundreds of ex-Afghan military and government officials.

Boris Johnson, UK Prime Minister, admitted that Operation Pitting had left Afghans behind. The UK’s August mission to evacuate Kabul citizens in August. He said that the government would do everything possible to ensure that these people receive the safe passage they deserve.”

James Cleverly MP (minister of state for North Africa and Middle East), confirmed earlier this month that 167 Afghans who are eligible for the ARAP scheme are still in Afghanistan. Others eligible for refuge Britain are still in third-designated countries. to go to the UK is a priority,” Cleverly stated. Cleverly stated that the government had made it clear to the Talibans that they must ensure safe passage for those who are entitled to travel to another country. Cleverly also said: “The ARAP program remains

On Thursday, the UK Home Office revealed that the Afghan Citizens Resettlement Scheme, which was meant to aid 20,000 people fleeing Afghanistan from August, would not be up and running until January 2022.

The Independent newspaper was told by multi ple former interpreters that they now live in hiding with their families. One former interpreter claimed that his ARAP application was approved but that he and his family were told to travel to Pakistan. They were not allowed to travel without passports.

He said, “We are staying with family in Helmand.” There is a high risk. It is very dangerous. We are constantly under threat from the Taliban. They are searching for us. We’re hiding. We are not leaving. It’s a terrible situation.

“I don’t understand why the ARAP team works so slowly. We are not being paid attention. We are eligible. Now we wait. There is no chance of survival. Our lives are at risk We will die.”

Johnny Mercer MP, a former UK defense minister, stated to the paper that he believes the numbers could be higher than reported.

He said, “We have left thousands behind. Not 167,”.” “Those (167) were simply those who responded to the ARAP program. Those numbers are just the number of people who were called forward, but did not make it to the airport.

“The problem is that the ARAP program was so ineffective that thousands who were supposed to be rescued didn’t get a response. Therefore, we have left behind the vast majority people we owe extraction.

“Many people are now afraid for their lives.” “All ministers are aware of this but they are determined not to abandon our commitments towards these people,” he said.

Raphael Marshall (ex-UK Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office) revealed earlier this month that thousands of Afghan requests for were ignored by FCDO staffers. Some of those who requested help were later killed by the Taliban.

Dr Sara de Jong was co-founder of The Sulha Alliance and told The Independent that she had been in contact with hundreds of Afghans who are eligible for relocation.

“Many of our contacts are hiding or have fled their homes. They don’t have the means to support themselves. She said that if they don’t have a passport it is difficult to obtain one at the moment.

She spoke out about one Afghan guard who worked at the UK Embassy in Afghanistan. One of those left behind told the Sulha Alliance that the Taliban could come to my home at any time. They ask my neighbors and I am afraid to turn the lights off. I’m in an extremely dangerous security situation. Please help me.”

. I can’t leave my house.
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