uLearn.io is chosen by a renowned Jamaican university

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The University of the Commonwealth Caribbean has joined hands to conduct safe online tests.

(1888PressRelease) December 24, 2021 – Schools and universities everywhere are forced to continue with remote learning as COVID-19 cases continue to resurface in several regions around the world. Online proctoring has been used by educational institutes to conduct online assessments. The University of the Commonwealth Caribbean, one of the largest tertiary educational institutes in Jamaica, is now following the trend and has enlisted uLearn.io to be their proctoring partner. uLearn.io has been a pioneering brand in an ever-growing world of online proctoring sites. UCC will be able to conduct secure, cheat-proof online assessments using uLearn.io’s AI-driven proctoring platform.

uLearn.io can be used on any type of laptop or PC. The software works without the need for students to download it onto their computers. This ensures student data is secure. This eliminates the risk of data breaches, phishing attacks, and malware on students’ devices. uLearn.io is compatible with all LMS platforms including UCC’s LMS Moodle. This makes it easier for educational institutions to conduct online assessments using the tool.

uLearn.io uses facial recognition technology to verify the identity of each remote test-taker before conducting an online assessment. The tool then uses machine learning algorithms to monitor students’ behavior during the test. If any suspicious behavior is detected by the front camera on their devices, the tool can automatically flag cheating students. uLearn.ios software proctoring software allows educators the ability to conduct hybrid assessments. This means that both digitally proctored and on-site assessments can be conducted. UCC has many options for online assessments thanks to this software.

Candidates taking online-proctored exams are concerned about the possibility of being flagged by the monitoring software without giving any reason. uLearn.ios can be set up to have a human proctor who makes decisions in litigious situations. Students and parents might be concerned about the constant surveillance of students taking part in online proctored tests. uLearn.ios software does not allow human proctors access to students below the shoulder. This is to protect privacy concerns. Online examinations are proctored independently and human involvement is limited for privacy reasons.

After completing an online test, uLearn.ios provides a detailed report for students and parents. These reports include information about the ethical performance and character of test-taking candidates.

Jeenal Ganatra (Marketing Head at uLearn.io) said that the partnership with UCC was a success because “uLearns online tutoring platform mimics the seriousness and feel of traditional classroom-based exams for educators. As their official proctoring partner, we are extremely proud to be associated as such a prestigious university as UCC. “


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