OpenGrowth Academy hosted a webinar on Mental Health in Virtual Workplace

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This webinar reinforced the importance of mental health being a priority in virtual work environments. To assist employees who struggle to manage their work and personal lives while working remotely.

San Francisco, CA (1888PressRelease) December 24, 2021 – OpenGrowth Academy organized a free webinar on Wednesday 22nd December 2021 on Mental Health at Virtual Workplace. Anjali Joshi, Business Head Fuzia Wellness, led the webinar. Priya Nath (Director Community Operations, Opengrowth Academy) conducted the webinar.

This webinar provided insights into how to improve virtual team engagement and deal with mental health issues while working remotely.

Anjali Joshi is a mental health advocate. She said that planning is the key to keeping your mind healthy. You can make a list of things to do, but don’t overburden yourself. Priorities should be clearly defined. To strike the right balance between work and your personal life, you need to practice this gentle discipline.

Remember that your work is not your last identity. You are much more important than your job.
She addressed the audience about motivating a virtual team. As a leader, you can decide how much work to give an employee to keep them happy.
Organizations are not aware of the importance of mental health and its effects on employee wellness. This webinar redefined mental wellness with strategies to support employees’ personal and professional growth. Anjali also shared ideas that can improve employee job performance and productivity.

Participants also had the chance to win ebooks about Mental health in a virtual workplace. She also spoke about OpenGrowth Academy’s initiatives, OpenGrowth Hub, and OpenGrowth Community.

Students and professionals from different fields were represented at the event.

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