Michel Telo guarantees the hexa in ‘The Voice Brasil’; remember all your team’s victor …

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Nobody holds this technician! Michel Telo won another victory by saving Giuliano Eriston. Hexing with his team was a sure win. We’ve put together a list of all the winners from this team to celebrate this milestone. Come and see:

Renato Vianna – Season 4

Renato Vianna won the fourth season of the reality show. This singer was the first candidate from Michel Telo’s Team that won the show. The countryman was in second place after him. He won 56% of the votes of the public when he sang “Por While”, by Renato Russo and immortalized in the voice of Cassia Eller.

Where You Walk: Renato Vianna remembers his career after The Voice

Mylena Jardim – Season 5

The year was 2016 and Mylena Jardim arrived to delight the public with her musical gift on stage at The Voice Brasil. Michel Telo was the coach for the second season of The Voice Brasil. After Claudia Leitte was eliminated, the singer was taken to the team by Mylena Jardim. She performed Brazilian and international music hits during her career.

Where to Go: Mylena Jardim talks about her career after The Voice

Samantha Ayara – Season 6

At the time, just 20 years old, Samantha Ayara was the champion of The Voice Brasil’s sixth season. Minas’ singer, Samantha Ayara, was invited to the reality show the year before. However, no one turned her down. She tried again, and won a spot on Ivete’s Team. However, Michel Telo “stole” her in the last stretch. The contest was won by the artist who sang “Who You Are” by Jessie J.

Por Onde Anda: Samantha Ayara talks about her career after The Voice Brasil 6

Leo Pain – Season 7

The participant turned over three chairs at Audicoes a Cegas, when he sang “Dormi na Praca”, by Bruno and Marrone, and chose to be part of Michel Telo’s team. He performed “Adoro Amar Voce” by Daniel and “Outra Vez”, which was a Roberto Carlos hit. The artist won the seventh season with 50. 01% of the votes.

Where and where: Leo Pain talks about his career after The Voice Brasil 7

Tony Gordon – Season 8

With 36. 62% of the votes, Tony Gordon was the great champion of The Voice Brasil 2019! The artist, who is from Sao Paulo and has a career of more than 30 years, turned the four chairs at Audicoes a Cegas, passed by Team IZA, went to Time Telo and won the title of champion of the 8th season.

Por Onde Anda: Tony Gordon talks about his career after The Voice Brasil 8

Giuliano Eriston – Season 10

Giuliano Eriston is The Voice Brasil’s newest champion. The participant from Jericoacoara, Ceara, took 33. 98% of the votes and secured the sixth championship for Team Telo. In an interview with Gshow, he spoke about the emotion and surprise of having been chosen the favorite voice of 2021.

Meet Giuliano Eriston

Wait, wait! You thought you were done with the list. Nooo, we do remember that Time Telo won the final season of The Voice Kids. Just check it out:

Gustavo Bardim – Season 6 of The Voice Kids

The 11-year-old boy, born in Guaramirim, Santa Catarina, was the champion of the sixth season of the reality show and experienced great emotions in the final of the program. The singer received 65. 38% of the votes from the audience; won a contract with Universal Music and a R$ 250,000 prize.

Gustavo Bardim talks about the emotion of being in the final of ‘The Voice Kids’

See the trajectory of the champions of all seasons:

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