Asmait Yohannes Highlights Key Tips To Become a Successful Entrepreneur in Her New Book

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What is the difference between successful people and others? Asmait Yohannes’ book states that it is the desire to learn. Journey to Success with Asmait Yohannes, now available on Amazon, lists out essential entrepreneurial skills to its readers. The key idea of being an entrepreneur is to be a lifelong learner. This helps to emphasize the fact that those who are constantly learning are the most likely to succeed.

Asmait Yahannes is an award-winning author and entrepreneur. She is also a founder of Asmait Skin Care. She has a wealth of business experience, financial knowledge, and proven leadership skills. Her goal as a woman entrepreneur is to bring out the natural beauty within every woman. She also wants to empower and inspire women around the world by sharing the timeless wisdom of her ancestors. Asmait’s belief is that beauty is organic. Asmait believes that learning is the best way to be a successful entrepreneur. Learning is the only way to success no matter what task you are assigned

Asmait highlights six essential elements of being a successful entrepreneur.

1. Book Reading

2. Podcast Learning



4. Mentorship

5. Networking

6. Digitization

The glue that binds all these together is learning. Asmait says that the one who learns wins. This is especially true today because change . is the only constant. Only a mind that is open and willing to learn more every day can succeed in a rapidly changing world.

” Entrepreneurs who want to be a leader in innovation and improvement must foster a culture of continuous learning. Knowledge and a commitment to continuous learning are the foundation of all new ideas. Asmait says that these factors increase the brain’s flexibility to create disruptive and innovative solutions.”

Whether you are a seasoned entrepreneur, or just starting out, Journey To Success with Asmait Yahannes is sure to have a place on your bookshelf. These tips will be a constant reminder of why learning is important in these times.

Dr. David Mabirizi is a Public Health Specialist and a wonderful testimony to Asmait’s bold vision. “I have never met someone with such a passion for leadership in nursing and health care as Asmait.” I am creating a career for young African nurses, particularly young girls. Asmait brings a new approach to nursing, allowing it to be a business that is viable in developing countries. Asmait is a great partner in my quest to create nurses and midwives with unique abilities that meet the needs of the profession. Asmait is an exceptional leader with the vision and nerve to succeed. Her career experience is an inspiration for young people

Lester Silver is a Professor of Surgery at Mount Sinai. He shares his testimony about Asmait’s hard work ethic. “I worked with Asmait during her many years as the Executive Director of Ambulatory Surgery at Mount Sinai Hospital in NYC. Asmait is a motivator and nurse administrator. She managed a large staff, coordinated unit finances (millions), and used her exceptional skills to create a safe and efficient unit that offered superior patient care (a primary function). Her years of experience have enabled her to excel in leadership. She is a true leader in her field .”

Journey to Success with Asmait Yohannes is now for sale on Amazon.

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