Roxtec Saudi Arabia, a safety seal manufacturer, has secured a 60% IKTVA score. Saudi Gazette

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Roxtec Saudi Arabia has reiterated its commitment to invest the KSA following the award of the ‘In kingdom Total Value Add’ score by Saudi Aramco.

Roxtec is a Swedish-owned manufacturer of pipe and cable transit seals. It has been operating in Saudi Arabia for over 20years and in January opened its first KSA-registered company. The company is based in Al Khobar, a port city.

Roxtec Saudi Arabia Director of Middle East Operations Firas Kafafi confirmed that the company secured the IKTVA score following an assessment by a third party and then a formal review by Saudi Aramco, which is a long-standing client. Aramco’s IKTVA program aims to increase local manufacturing, improve global competitiveness and foster future prosperity in KSA.

“We are delighted to secure the IKTVA score with Saudi Aramco. Firas said that this was a testimony to our support for both ARAMCO as well as the KSA Government’s 2030 vision. “This year we have started to manufacture products at our Saudi site and three quarters of our team are Saudi nationals. We are aware of the Kingdom’s evolution and want to contribute our part in its economic diversification and development by training and investing long-term. This outlook fits well with Roxtec’s ethos to be ‘globally local’ – showcasing our passion and knowledge for the countries where we work.”

Zaid Albaiyat, MENA Marketing & Business Development manager at Roxtec Saudi Arabia stated that “It is a real boost to all the Saudi team to earn a 60% score in Saudi Aramco IKTVA as we look to grow our team to 20 people. We are focusing on growth in the following key sectors: power, oil and gas, renewables. telecoms. water. maritime. heavy industry. We further want to expand our supply chain to support our manufacturing facility.”

Roxtec’s sealing solutions are widely used across industries to provide

certified protection

against multiple hazards. Roxtec supplies its cable and pipe seals in more than 80 markets worldwide, with Roxtec Saudi Arabia being its 28th subsidiary. It holds more 250 registered product certifications and more 500 approvals and tests. Products protect against fire, flooding, smoke and gas, as well as dust, moisture, vibration, explosion risk, electromagnetic interference, and blast.

Roxtec is a key player in the Kingdom’s telecoms, energy and water industries. Its pipe and cable sealing solutions are used by both onshore and offshore oil- and gas facilities as well as petrochemical plant operators.

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