Joinville bars neutral language in the city and defines “punishment”

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The Mayor of Joinville, Santa Catarina, sanctioned a law that prohibits neutral language by the municipal government, allowing for a Disciplinary Administrative Proceeding to be filed by the authorities in case of non-compliance.

Thus, members of the public administration of Joinville, as well as members of the Chamber of Councilors, municipalities and other organizations, will not be able to use this form of language that aims to confuse children’s minds.

According to the approved text, the law is mainly aimed at the municipal public education system and examining boards for selections and competitions.

The law is authored by councilor Wilian Tonezi (Podemos), who obtained almost unanimous approval in the Camara dos Aldermen, with a single vote against, that of councilor Ana Lucia Martins (PT).

The other 18 councilors were in favor of the project.

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