How to find your Wi Fi password in Windows 11

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Have you ever had friends over who want to connect to your Wi-Fi, but you can’t remember the password? Perhaps you forgot your password for Wi-Fi networks you have logged into before. There’s a solution to these predicaments in Windows 11.

Find Wi-Fi passwords in Control Panel

This method requires that you are already logged in to your Wi-Fi account to which you wish to retrieve the password. This is helpful for the visitor scenario. You’re not always connected to your Wi Fi network so you don’t need to share the password with guests.

First, open Control Panel and then click Network and Internet.

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On next screen, click Network or Sharing Center .

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You’ll now see your active network in the View your basic network information and set up connections group. To the right of Connections, click the name of your Wi-Fi connection.

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The WiFi Status will now open. Click Wireless Properties at the bottom of the Connection group.

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Your connection’s Wireless Network Properties window will appear. Click the Security tab, and then check the box next to the Show characters option. The Network security code textbox will display your Wi-Fi password.

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Find your Wi-Fi password using Windows Terminal

If you are not currently logged into your Wi-Fi network but have previously logged on to it, you can use Windows Terminal for the password. This is a great option if you are having trouble remembering your password or need to log in again to the Wi-Fi network.

Open Windows Terminal as an administrator by right-clicking on the Windows icon in your taskbar, and then click Windows Terminal. (Admin ) will appear in the power-user menu.

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Next, type this command:

netsh wlan show profile “[Wi-Fi name]” key=clear

Replace WiFi name by replacing it with the name your Wi-Fi network.

netsh wlan show profile “elecom5G-48b17d” key=clear

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Various information about your Wi Fi network will be returned including the password. The Key content password can be found in the Security Settings group.

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That’s it.

Password management is an important step in keeping your router and home network secure. It is best to change your password if you have lost it.

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