5 YouTube Gestures That You Should Use on Android and iPhone

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Smartphones are great for watching YouTube videos, but the smaller controls can be a little annoying to use. The YouTube app has many handy gestures. You’re missing out if you don’t know these gestures.

The gestures here are available in the YouTube app for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. These gestures do not work on YouTube’s mobile website. One exception is the double tap to skip gesture. It does work on YouTube mobile.

Double-Tap to Skip Forward & Back

YouTube puts buttons for Play, Next Video, and Previous Video on the screen, but what about skipping a little bit forward or backward? This handy gesture is where it comes in.

Simply double-tap the left or right side of the video with one finger to skip forward or backward 10-seconds. To indicate skipping, you’ll see arrows.

Want to skip forward or backward more than 10 seconds at a time? You can change the double-tap skip time.

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Two-Finger Double-Tap to Skip Chapters

YouTube has “chapters” that allow you to break down long videos into sections. These chapters can be accessed via the scroll bar. However, you can also use gestures to skip between them.

This time, double-tap the left or right side of the video with two fingers to skip to the next or previous chapter. When it works, you’ll see arrows on the screen and the title of the chapter.

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Slide Finger to Scrub Through Video

Google removed the ability to tap anywhere on the seek bar to skip to that spot in the video after complaints of accidental taps. It is replaced by a less-known gesture.

First, with a video playing, tap and hold your finger on the video.

Keeping your finger pressed on the screen, slide your finger left-to-right to scrub through the video. The preview of the video will be displayed in a small box.

Lift your finger from the screen to play the video starting at the point you are currently in.

Pinch-to-Zoom to Fill the Entire Screen

Many smartphones don’t have the same aspect as YouTube videos. When you view the video in fullscreen, there may be black bars at the sides. This can be fixed with a simple gesture.

All you need to do to zoom in on the video is to pinch your fingers.

It will fill the screen. However, it does take away some of the top or bottom of the video.

Swipe Video Down to Minimize

Say that you are watching a video, and want to continue browsing YouTube while it plays. You can also use a handy gesture to do this.

Simply swipe–or “pull”–the video down from the top of the screen.

The video will continue to play in the minimized area at the bottom. To return to the complete video, tap or swipe it up.

These gestures are all very simple, but YouTube doesn’t make them super obvious. You may not be aware of all the gestures. Hopefully, your YouTube viewing experience is improved.

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