BurgerFi introduces Patty, the Robot, to address Labor Shortage

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BurgerFi is a provider of high-quality, all-natural fresh food in an environmentally-friendly environment.

These innovative new offerings were created to address widespread labor shortfalls that have decimated the restaurant industry ever since the pandemic.

BUSINESS: Patty the Robot

One of the brand’s innovations is Patty the Robot, which made its debut recently at BurgerFi’s Indiantown Road location in Jupiter. The robot can interact with customers and serve meals to them. It also returns food trays to the kitchen. Patty has been designed to understand the layout of restaurants and interact with customers efficiently.

The new addition to BurgerFi’s team is designed to support employees, create more seamless and efficient business operations, and enhance the guest experience.

BUSINESS: Overcoming Labor Shortage Issues

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to labor shortages in the restaurant industry. These staff shortages can adversely affect the quality of services provided by restaurants. It is crucial that small businesses in these difficult times innovate and use new strategies to overcome labor shortages and stay competitive. Small business owners should take BurgerFi’s recent rollout of new innovations to prove the importance of innovating and implementing new technology.

As Karl Goodhew, Chief Technology Officer at BurgerFi, comments: “While the entire restaurant industry faces macro headwinds, BurgerFi is determined to be resilient and forward-thinking. Leveraging technology is a key factor in delivering guest and employee happiness.”

“Patty may be the answer to employee shortages across the hospitality industry. We combine automation and human operations to give our guests the experience that they want. Goodhew stated that employees will always be the key to the guest experience. Robots enable them to keep their focus on the great hospitality.

BUSINESS: In-Car Ordering, QR Technology and “Ghost Kitchens”

Asides the rollout of Patty the Robot, BurgerFi is introducing in-car ordering, QR technology and “ghost kitchens.”

The sustainable burger brand will be the first restaurant to launch in-car ordering in the new generation of 5G interactive cars that will be available in the summer of 2021.

Through a partnership with Mavi.io, customers will be able to order BurgerFi food from their car by using their voice or their car’s interactive dashboard.

The burger brand is currently testing QR code table ordering in order to improve the customer experience. QR codes reduce wait times and allow employees to concentrate on making fresh food.

The company has also announced the launch of 25 “ghost kitchens”, designed to cater for escalating consumer demand for delivery. These ghost kitchens will allow BurgerFi to reach new markets and bring its products to more people.

The innovative brand is also testing self ordering kiosks. These highly visible tech units allow diners to choose their meal and pay more conveniently.

BurgerFi’s success is a testament to the fact that businesses can overcome obstacles and create and sustain growth.

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